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Leadership Endorsement Overview


Leadership Endorsement Basics

The Leadership Endorsement is a credentialing program that provides students at Ohio University with the opportunity to learn about the leadership areas, build eight skills employers seek, reflect on personal growth, and prepare to articulate skill areas to employers and graduate or professional schools. Sometimes called soft or transferable skills, these are the skill sets that are useful in any workplace and are highly desired by employers. These types of skills are critical for success in all industries. Completing activities and reflections associated with skill areas requires analysis about experiences that developed personal skill areas. This program’s combination of reflection and future thinking will help you analyze growth in a skill area and where you hope to grow while achieving your goals as a leader.


Eight Skills

There are eight skills in the Leadership Endorsement program: self-awareness, team development, interpersonal communication, intercultural competency, innovation, adaptability, problem solving, and wellbeing. These eight skills are consistent with what employers nationally report seeking from graduates. Read the information in this guide to learn about badging requirements and why employers desire these skills.


Defining Badges

The Leadership Endorsement program offers eight different badges in the eight skill areas. Through the Leadership Endorsement, you will earn a digital badge upon completion of quizzes, reflections, and activities for different skill areas based on the fundamentals of learning, acting, and leading across the skill areas. Your earned badge is a way to demonstrate a quantified skill set in a portable, consistent, and identifiable way. Each badge is divided into three levels that reflect Level 1 (basic), Level 2 (intermediate), and Level 3 (advanced) skills.


Leadership Endorsement

Once you complete all eight badges, you earn the Leadership Endorsement. The Leadership Endorsement will be available as a visual graphic for you to use professionally to demonstrate your mastery of all eight leadership skill areas.

Leadership Endorsement Badge


If you have any questions, email LeadershipEndorsement@ohio.edu.