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Endorsement Badge Levels

Badge activities are divided into three levels of challenge: Level 1 (basic), Level 2 (intermediate), and Level 3 (advanced). These areas are related to the type of activity for each area across the platform based on the learn, act, lead focus. The badge for each skill area gains a color as each increasing level of challenge is completed.

Badge Level 1

Level 1 badges (basic) involve learning about the skill. You will write a brief reflection before you start Level 1. To complete this level, you will participate in learning activities and take a quiz to assess knowledge in the skill area. Upon successful completion of the quiz, you will earn Level 1 of the badge. A Level 1 badge has one color to show a partially completed badge.



Badge Level 2

Level 2 badges (intermediate) require you to act by participating in learning activities, programs, or events. After you attend activities, you will need to write a brief description, provide evidence, and complete brief reflections. An activity may count for multiple skills, but a separate reflection is required for each skill area. For Level 2, you also will set a goal you will try to accomplish. A Level 2 badge has two colors to convey that a portion of the badge has been completed.



Badge Level 3

Level 3 badges (advanced) challenge you to demonstrate leadership in the skill area. Level 3 badges require deep reflection of skill development and leading an activity related to the skill area. During Level 3, you will look back at your Level 1 reflection (completed prior to learning about the skill) and also reflect on the goal you set during Level 2. Achieving the Level 3 badge indicates the highest skill level in an area. These badges are the most marketable and demonstrate the greatest achievement among the skill levels. The Level 3 badge has all three colors around the badge's perimeter.


Once you finish Levels 1, 2, and 3, your badge is complete. It will be presented for display on social media or through professional communication channels.


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Microcredential infographic