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Wellbeing is a university discount program that helps reduce patient costs for select services through Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS).

Some of the services provided at CPS include:

  • Emergency/Drop-in consultation
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Couples therapy
  • Psychiatric Intake appointments
  • Psychiatric follow up appointments
  • 24/7 emergency/crisis line

How does Wellbeing work?

Students are automatically charged the wellbeing fee if they are registered for one or more credit hour through:

For students who enrolled at OHIO in or after Fall 2015:

Your wellbeing fee is included in the OHIO Guarantee. The fee cannot be waived and will not appear on your student account as an individual charge.

For students who enrolled at OHIO prior to Fall 2015:

Your wellbeing fee is automatically charged to your student account. Because you enrolled prior to implementation of the OHIO Guarantee, you have the option to waive the wellbeing fee by the posted deadline each semester.

Waiver deadlines for 2018-19:

Fall Semester: September 14, 2018

Spring Semester: February 1, 2019

Summer Semester: May 31, 2019

Questions regarding the wellbeing fee may be directed to wellbeing@ohio.edu.

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