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Division of Student Affairs Strategic Plan

Built with a shared vision and renewed energy for the future of Ohio University student support services, the Division of Student Affairs Strategic Plan is a united commitment to maximize the potential of each department as we passionately care for our students.

The 2018 Division of Student Affairs (DOSA) Strategic Plan has been DOSA’s blueprint for our services, informed decision making, and strategic investments. Despite environmental forces such as the COVID pandemic, leadership and staffing changes, budget reductions, and the post-pandemic student mental health crisis, the strategic plan has endured our ever-changing priorities.

Over the past four years, DOSA’s strategic plan has celebrated many successes and made significant progress, all of which are outlined in our strategic planning annual updates. Despite the significant progress we have made, the drastic changes over the last two years including many staffing and leadership changes prompted DOSA to perform a review of its new internal and external environment.  Based on our review, DOSA has decided that we need to move forward in a more focused and structured way. Based on the results of our review of the current external environment, specifically, the post-pandemic student mental health crisis, DOSA will be focusing internally on student well-being and student engagement as its strategic priorities over the next year. Assessment efforts will be overseen and managed centrally while being implemented across the DOSA units. Implementation of well-being assessment includes DOSA units knowing student well-being best practices, being able to refer students to well-being resources and services, developing a peer support network, and adjusting organizational structures to expand mental health services. For engagement assessment efforts units will strengthen student leadership, with an emphasis on student organization leaders.

Post-pandemic budget and staff reductions, including the current vacancy of the director of strategic planning and assessment were some of the many factors contributing to the new internal environment. Results from the internal environment review, identified the need for the division to centralize our student learning outcomes assessment at the division level. DOSA continues to move forward on assessment processes.

Strategic Plan year one updates infographiC [PDF]

Strategic Plan year two updates infographiC [PDF]




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Archived 2018 Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan for Ohio University's Division of Student Affairs[PDF]