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Culinary wine tasting event to help participants learn to wine and dine with style

David Neri
January 31, 2019

For those looking to improve their pallet, or perhaps learn a few novel recipes, Culinary Services might just have a delectable solution for its first demonstration kitchen event of the semester. The wine tasting, set to take place in Jefferson Marketplace’s Culinary Studio at 6 p.m. on February 7th, is the brainchild of Chef Kevin Hurst and Director of Culinary Services Rich Neumann, who hope to share their love of good food and wine with other members of the OHIO community.

For the event, Neumann and Hurst have selected a variety of different wines for their guests to sample, alongside appropriately paired recipes such caramelized onion, apple and brie flatbread or bacon stuffed mushrooms for the participants to learn and try in their own kitchens.

In addition to giving participants the opportunity to sample six handpicked pairings, Neumann and Hurst will also be discussing the rationale behind the gustatory duets, focusing on wine profiles and food pairings respectively. “We designed the event to make people more knowledgeable and comfortable when selecting wine with a given dish,” said Neumann.

While this is the first collaboration between Hurst and Neumann, some interest was expressed in repeating the event later down the line. In the end, both hope to provide a pleasant and informative experience that participants can think back to when trying to find just the right match for their own dishes, whether cooking themselves or during a night on the town.

“We hope everyone will not only enjoy themselves but also gain a better understanding of the different styles of wine and the foods they go well with,” said Hurst, “and have a really great meal of course.”

Tickets for the event are available for purchase for $25 a seat. More detailed information on the event as well as other upcoming events can be found here.