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Ohio University Student Senate election results

Ohio University Student Senate election results

The Student Senate elections were held later than usual this year due to restrictions surrounding the pandemic. The elections for the 2020-21 student leaders took place earlier this week and concluded on the evening of Sept. 14. Though the push for voter participation had to be entirely virtual this year, Student Senate actually saw the most voter engagement since the 2017-18 election, with 815 students voting this past week.

The elected president, vice president and treasurer shared their goals and commitment to OHIO students during the debate leading up to the election. “Along with being trusted to represent all types of students, trusted as a source for information and trusted to commit fully to our roles for the betterment of our community, we will take these responsibilities, and be present, understanding, trustworthy, and willing/wanting to listen,” the candidates said during the debate.


The results are as follows:

President- Ian Carter

Vice President- Elizabeth Lilly

Treasurer- Eliza Ivan

University Life Senators At-Large - Grant Adams, Caleb Prante

SAC Senators At-Large- Liz Behage, Richard Danylo, Adam Boesinger, Brogan Speraw, Robert Jones, Zach Reynolds, Chandler Jent, Willis Sears

Off-Campus Senator- Conner Branch

Residence Life Senators- Jaden Burns, Justin Fink

Russ College of Engineering and Technology Senator- Derek Meola

College of Arts and Sciences Senator- Eliana Tartel

College of Business Senator- Tyce Albert Patt

Honors Tutorial College Senator- Haley Janoski


“This year’s group of elected student leaders has a wide range of experiences and insights they will bring to the table this year,” said Kat Nelson, graduate assistant for Student Senate. “It is a challenging time to be a leader, and I am grateful to those who have served in the interim because they have really set this year’s elected officers up to succeed.” As formal elections were held later than usual this year, interim leaders ensured Student Senate was able to stay involved and promote student engagement throughout the summer.

Students looking for a way to make a lasting impact at OHIO are encouraged to apply for one of the many appointed positions open in Student Senate. Through these positions, students will have the opportunity to work with both the students and University administrators to ensure the voices of all Bobcats are heard, address concerns and ensure actionable progress is made.

To view the open positions, download this PDF. Some positions will close as early as Sept. 30. Students can apply through Bobcat Connect.