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Culinary Services provides options for students with faith-based dietary restrictions

Culinary Services provides options for students with faith-based dietary restrictions

The Ohio University community represents a diverse variety of faith backgrounds. As a result, sometimes Bobcats have religious food requirements and restrictions. Culinary Services understands and has made sure that all Bobcats have access to tasty and nutritious meals, no matter what their dietary needs.

“We do our best to serve healthy food options that allow all Bobcats to practice their faith as they believe,” said Director of Culinary Services, Rich Neumann.

Neumann reports that the Culinary Services team takes religious dietary needs and holidays into account when planning menus. During Lent, there are always fish and vegetarian options, and Nelson Dining Court offers traditional Passover meals during the holiday. Additionally, the Dining Courts have daily Halal-friendly[1] and Kosher-friendly[2] meals.

In addition to offering meals that are friendly to religious requirements, Culinary Services accommodates students whose faith requires them to fast. Students can meet with OHIO’s Registered Dietitian, Angie Bohyer, to find menu items that meet their dietary needs and learn how to eat nutritiously within their restrictions. Further, Bohyer offers nutritional information that can help a student to fast safely. 

Bobcats who are fasting have several options from Culinary Services to break their fast outside of normal Dining Court hours. Students can fill a To-Go meal box at the Dining Courts to save for later. They can pick up a sack meal containing two sandwiches, fresh vegetables, fruit, potato chips, condiments and a dessert at any Dining Court. Bobcats simply need to contact a Dining Court manager 24 hours in advance to order their meal. Finally, fasters can eat at one of the dining locations with late hours, such as Shively Grab n Go or Smooth Moves at Boyd Market.


No matter what a student’s faith tradition may be, Culinary Services is happy to find foods that will meet their dietary requirements. To speak about nutritional needs, contact Angie Bohyer at bohyer@ohio.edu. To order a sack meal, contact Dennis Washington for Shively Court at washingd@ohio.edu, Sandy Dowler for Nelson Court at hawks@ohio.edu or Kevin Hurst for The District on West Green hurstk@ohio.edu. To suggest a meal from a faith tradition, email dining@ohio.edu.


[1] While not strictly Halal, these products are prepared following the basic principles, including no pork and no alcohol.


[2]  While not truly Kosher, these products are prepared embracing the basic principles: no pork, no meat and dairy together and no shellfish.