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Meet Brittany Barten

Meet Brittany Barten

Last year, Campus Recreation added a member services coordinator position to its Business Development Team as a means of having an employee dedicated to the advancement and engagement of patrons and members for Campus Recreation’s programs and facilities. In her first year in this new role, Brittany Barten has done just that.

In addition to new services for members, Barten is also working on new data collection processes to understand how and why patrons use Campus Recreation facilities. She hopes that in collecting this data, Member Services and Campus Recreation can be intentional and calculated in their interactions with patrons and the changes they make to facilities and membership structures.

Barten came to OHIO by way of Eastern Illinois University after completing her master’s degree in exercise science and working as a graduate assistant for Eastern Illinois’ Campus Recreation Department. She is no stranger to travel and change in scenery, having been “born and half-raised” in Nebraska before moving to Japan at the age of seven for her father’s job with the Air Force.

When her family returned to the states, they settled in Oklahoma. Barten attended Oklahoma State University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in music education. Barten did not realize her passion for campus recreation until she started working for Campus Recreation at Oklahoma State University. Barten currently lives in Lancaster, Ohio with her husband, Ronny, their three cats and a dog.


What made you switch from a career in music education to a career in campus recreation?

When I was a student at Oklahoma State University, I began working at their campus recreation facility and realized I really had a passion for campus recreation and interacting with patrons. I loved being a student employee at the front desk, swiping ID cards, talking to people and walking around making sure they were safe.


What excited you about this position with Member Services?

What got me most excited about [the position] was the direct interaction with patrons. I really didn’t want to lose that because it was one of the main reasons I got involved in campus rec. I didn’t want to be tucked away in the office; I like to be at the front. I like to talk to [the patrons], and I like to hear what they have to say.


What are your plans for the data you have been working with Institutional Research to collect on patron demographics?

What we would all like to do is just be intentional about what we are doing. We are proponents of managing our resources and making sure that these are the programs and services that the students and patrons want to participate in. We are currently in the beginning stages of collecting and analyzing our student facility use data. While we do not have much right now, our recent analysis from Institutional Research shows a positive correlation between an increased number of visits to our facilities and higher GPA. We look forward to gathering additional information on demographics to better cater to our students and patrons through intention programs and services.


What are your hobbies or interests?

I really like weightlifting. I did a bodybuilding show two years ago, so I like to keep up with those competitions. I probably will not compete again; that experience was extremely demanding. However, one of our graduate assistants just went through one, so it was exciting to have that shared experience. Other than that, I really like to go out with my dog and go hiking.  I have a little farm at home. I have three cats and a dog, so they keep me entertained.


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