Ohio University

Chef Keller to offer some southern flair in Fat Tuesday Culinary Studio demo

The last time Executive Chef Erik Keller led a demonstration, the crowd got a chance to learn how to properly grill vegetables over the grill. This time around, on March 5, Keller hopes to bring a bit of southern spice to his event when stepping behind the counter, teaching some members of the Ohio University community how to create a few traditional, and appetizing, New Orleans classics like crawfish etouffee and gumbo.

According to Keller, the idea for the Fat Tuesday theme developed through the fitting date of the event and an enjoyment of the cultural cuisine. “They give us an open slate on what we want to do, and who doesn’t like New Orleans and Mardi Gras? There might not be too much partying inside of the Jefferson Marketplace Culinary Studio, but we’ll definitely have some good Cajun food.”

To make the event more informative, Keller also plans for the audience to take a more active role in the food’s preparation. “Previously, the participants would be watching the chef prepare the food,” said Keller. “This time I want to take a more hands-on approach, having the guests holding knives, chopping and preparing the food while I’m watching over their shoulder.”

Keller hopes that providing this kind of hands-on training will help his audience better recreate the highlighted recipes in their own kitchens. “these demos change every time we do them, figuring out what worked and what didn’t,” said Keller. “They’re always being molded into something new. I hope everyone will have a fun time and go home with a little culinary knowledge out of the deal.”

While seating for the event is limited, tickets are still available for purchase for $25 per person. More detailed information on both this and other Culinary Studio events, as well as a menu list for what will be prepared, can be found here.