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Call for students to join the University Hearing Board and make sure fellow students’ voices are heard in the conduct process

The Division of Student Affairs is a firm believer in having a fair conduct process for all students, especially those who may have violated the Student Code of Conduct in a way that could lead to them being suspended or expelled. As a result, the Office of Community Standards and Student Responsibility brings together students, faculty and staff for the University Hearing Board (UHB) to offer students and student organizations the chance have their voice heard before a final decision is made. UHB members conduct the hearing, ask questions, determine whether or not a violation occurred and if so, recommend a sanction to the Office of the Dean of Students. UHB members also sit on University Appeal Boards and review appeals from students who have gone through the Community Standards Process.

The Office of Community Standards and Student Responsibility is currently accepting new UHB members. No prior experience is needed, and all students are welcome regardless of their major.

In addition to helping their fellow students, UHB members get the chance to learn valuable life skills by practicing confronting difficult situations, building community around their peers, holding people accountable for their actions and allowing students to have their voices heard. “[Being a member of UHB] has made me feel like a more informed member of the campus community about internal university processes,” said Adam Ben-Porath, a student member of UHB since 2018 and a political science graduate student. “This is a great opportunity not only for students with an interest in higher education or student affairs, but also for anyone who wants to learn more about and give back to the University. It is a serious responsibility, but one that is definitely rewarding.”

Ben-Porath first became aware of UHB when the board reached out to resident assistants (RAs) about joining. As an RA, he often did not know the outcomes of the incident reports he wrote, so he saw becoming a member of UHB as a unique opportunity to learn more about the conduct process. Now he uses his experience from serving on the board to guide students through the conduct process.

Ben-Porath says that while he has been able to learn more about University procedures, UHB has also been a chance to work with and learn from other members of the OHIO community. “I’ve made a lot of great connections through UHB. I’ve met other students as well as faculty and staff that I likely would not have otherwise had the opportunity to meet. Serving in this capacity has allowed me the opportunity to have meaningful conversations with students going through the conduct process,” he said.

Students across all majors are encouraged to join the board and help provide a fair conduct process. As part of this volunteer position, members can expect to commit around six hours per semester to attend monthly meetings, which are scheduled according to their availability. Prior experience is not necessary, and student members will be trained for the position in February. Applicants are required to hold at least a 2.5 GPA and be in good standing with the University.

Visit the UHB website to learn more.

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