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Bobcat Spotlight: Terry Burns’ career path inspired by family's successful businesses

Bobcat Spotlight: Terry Burns’ career path inspired by family's successful businesses

Major: BBA Entrepreneurship
Minor: Finance
Graduated: May 2019
Hometown: Toledo, OH
Involvement on Campus: Intramural hockey program, Center for Entrepreneurship Thursday speaking events where various entrepreneurs spoke about their careers

How did you choose Ohio University?
I had a few friends who were all going to college at the same time and we decided Ohio University would be a good fit. The business school was what really drew me in, and being able to major in entrepreneurship was very important to me.

How did you choose your major and what excited you most about it?
I chose my major after watching my grandfather and father start successful businesses. I have always had a mindset to try and better my current situation and I thought this value fit perfectly into the subject of entrepreneurship.

What was most exciting about the idea of entrepreneurship to me was being able to determine your own future. Entrepreneurship has given me so many different opportunities after graduation. I have taken entrepreneurship to heart in my job as a produce salesman and I pride myself in finding unique opportunities that other salesman in my field don’t take advantage of.

Tell us about one of your most significant career development experiences at OHIO.
My senior capstone with Professor Livanis was a great stepping stone into the real world. Having to put together such a large project completely alone helped me develop as a professional in so many ways. Having to put together such an in depth report actually helped me find my current job. The industry that I researched for that project is where I am currently sitting as a salesman.

What is your favorite thing about being a Bobcat?
My favorite thing about being a Bobcat is the sense of community that exists no matter where I am in this world. Moving to Columbus on my own wasn’t the easiest thing, but I know there is a huge support network of Bobcats here that I can rely on at any moment. I have met new Bobcats since moving here, and I know there are new Bobcats that end up here after graduation every year.

What advice would you give to your fellow Bobcats?
Be proactive! Get out of your comfort zone and do things preemptively. There is no better feeling in this world than being prepared.

What have you been doing since graduation? How did you get the job?
I am currently working as a Produce Broker for R.S. Hanline in Columbus, Ohio. I found this job through the virtual career fair. I was interested in produce after my senior capstone project, which was based on the canned fruit and vegetable industry.