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Additional mental health resources available to students

Additional mental health resources available to students

Under the student health insurance plan, OHIO students, including international students and students outside the state of Ohio, now have access to additional mental health resources.

Ohio University students can now access expanded mental health resources through the student health insurance plan. The student health insurance is provided by United HealthCare Student Resources (UHCSR). Services are widespread and available for access by phone or video from anywhere. Students are able to receive care for mental health and general medical needs from a predetermined list of UHCSR providers. These providers are different from the university Campus Care providers.

Services are available to international students and those outside the state of Ohio. UHCSR services are available to all students enrolled in the University student health insurance policy at no additional charge. Students that are NOT enrolled in the University student health insurance can also utilize these resources; however, they will be charged a fee for doing so each time they access the services.

Non-member virtual HealthiestYou pricing:

Medical visit: $40

Counselor: $85 per half hour

Psychiatrist: $200 for initial visit (intake); and $95 per half hour after the initial visit

The support provided through UHCSR are in addition to the comprehensive services already provided by Ohio University Counseling & Psychological Services

UHCSR also offers several educational resources for students, regardless of their enrollment in the student health insurance plan. 

Resources include an FAQ section that addresses several topics for insureds, but also includes other topics for all students such as COVID, how to use health insurance, The Affordable Care Act, State and Federal Exchanges, and more! In addition to the FAQ section, the site also provides access to a Glossary of terms, a Health Insurance 101 tutorial, and a link to their Video Library.

The Video Library topics include how to use student health insurance in the United States, an explanation of common health insurance terms and how they apply to a health insurance policy, where to locate additional information, and more.

In addition, the Video Library has a Mental Health section that includes more than 100 videos on topics such as addiction, ADHD, OCD, PTSD, Anxiety, Bipolar, Depression, Eating Disorders, Sleep Disorders, Suicide, Grief, Medications, General Mental Health and more. 

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