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Academic Achievement Center will continue to offer online services

Academic Achievement Center will continue to offer online services

The Academic Achievement Center (AAC) has provided tutoring and supplemental instruction (SI) to 2,400 Bobcats since COVID-19 forced most OHIO University programs to move online in March 2020. While student visitors, tutors, and SI Leaders enjoy the camaraderie of meeting in-person, all have adapted to virtual connections to stay safe and protect the campus community. Everyone has felt the impact of the pandemic, but that has not kept Bobcats from staying focused on their studies.

Students in need of assistance writing a paper, preparing for a math test, reviewing key concepts in psychology, or developing learning strategies to succeed in other classes have met online with AAC tutors and SI Leaders to keep moving forward. “Our concern was that students would stop coming to tutoring appointments and SI sessions due to the new online format,” Dr. Elizabeth Fallon, the director of Academic Assistance at the AAC, remarks. “But Ohio University students from Athens and RHE campuses have responded beyond our expectations. We are seeing remarkable student usage of all academic assistance services.”

Academic Assistance had intended to launch an online option for tutoring well before the pandemic struck, but the immediate move online kick-started those plans. And even though the AAC will resume in-person tutoring and SI when the campus permits, the virtual option will continue for those students who prefer that convenience. AAC tutors and SI Leaders will remain ready to support OHIO University students in improving their academic performance and managing their coursework.