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Student Affairs News

  • Jason Pina chosen by OCPA for the Phillip A. Tripp Distinguished Service Award

    March 4, 2020

    This award recognizes student affairs professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the field who have made significant and outstanding contributions to the profession.  

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  • Culinary Services announces December and January Employee of the Month awardees

    February 20, 2020

    Kelley, Deeana and Whitney awarded Employee of the Month.

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  • Culinary Services provides options for students with faith-based dietary restrictions

    February 18, 2020

    “We do our best to serve healthy food options that allow all Bobcats to practice their faith as they believe,” says Director of Culinary Services.

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  • On-campus guest housing is a new option to live the Bobcat experience

    February 10, 2020

    Frank Trocchia, a former RA in Dougan Hall in the 1990s, reminisces after staying in the hall during the 2019 Homecoming weekend.

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  • Frontiers in Science welcomes Dr. Temple Grandin this spring

    February 7, 2020

    Ohio University’s Frontiers in Science lecture series will host professor of animal science at Colorado State University Dr. Temple Grandin this spring. Grandin will present in Baker University Center Ballroom on March 2 at 7:30 p.m.

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  • Kailee Slusser awarded Employee of the Semester

    February 4, 2020

    Slusser awarded by the Division of Student Affairs for contributions to the division, University and its students.

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  • Bobcats with special food needs find tasty and safe food options at on-campus venues

    January 31, 2020

    With a gluten-free kitchen, special dining concepts and a registered dietitian, all Bobcats can enjoy eating on campus!

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  • Patti McSteen recognized with Excellence in Higher Education Leadership Award for her work with Margaret Boyd Scholars Program

    January 31, 2020

    McSteen awarded for her commitment to leadership development and advancement of women at Ohio University.

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  • Embark on an exciting journey with Cory Richards, mountain climber and photographer, at the Kennedy Lecture Series

    January 23, 2020

    Cory Richards will share his experiences at the upcoming Kennedy Lecture Series on Feb. 24.

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  • Maggie Riley’s homestay in Spain offers opportunity to hone Spanish language skills and travel across Europe

    January 22, 2020

    Maggie Riley decided to pursue a Spanish language course in Spain over last Spring, which exposed her to the Spanish culture as well as set her off to on a Europe expedition.

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