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Care & Well-Being

Well-Being Breakthrough Objective

Spring 2021, DOSA started a strategic plan refresh. After a 10-month planning process, the work was ready to move forward. This page documents the accomplishments to forward this work. Future tasks, actions, and deliverables will be added to this webpage.

Download the Objectives and Key Results [PDF]

2021 Accomplishments

Key milestones in the refresh:

  • Divisional kick-off event April 2021 with guest speaker Dr. Nance Lucas, Executive Director of the Center for the Advancement of Well-Being at George Mason University
  • Divisional well-being visioning sessions May 2021 with all DOSA staff and key partners
  • Launched a well-being task force to draft proposed breakthrough objectives and key results
  • Providing an update at the divisional open forum September 2021
  • Conducting listening sessions with staff, students, and key partners September - November 2021
  • Revising the proposed breakthrough objectives and key results based on the listening sessions
  • Launching the well-being refreshed plan December 2021

2022 Accomplishments

Objective A: Integrate well-being into the work we do for and with students
  • Scan for existing data and reports on well-being and organized it for common use
  • Analyze, interpret and summarize key findings from data and reports on well-being
  • Compose an organized list of all existing data in DOSA organized by the Well-Being framework
  • Compose a sharable document detailing how DOSA's Well-Being framework was developed
  • Created an evaluation plan to track progress on student well-being
Objective B: Integrate well-being into staff work and culture
  • Scanned for existing resources inside and outside of DOSA to understand available resources supporting staff well-being. Shared at staff Open Forum about resources available through EAP
  • The Student Affairs Leadership Team discussed together and with departments steps to take to advance well-being in staff work and culture
  • Planned and held a staff appreciation event


For additional information, questions, or concerns, please contact Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs