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Strategic Plan Planning Process


  • Listening sessions with DOSA departments
  • Staff/Administrative focus groups
  • Student/Faculty open houses
  • DOSA all-staff meetings
  • Division leadership team retreat
  • Compression planning work groups for each breakthrough objective
  • Publication of strategic plan
  • Formation of breakthrough objective committees
  • Regular meetings to move work forward




  • "The process should create the culture we want, not necessarily the culture we have."
  • "If we are truly going to leverage our collective strength to make a difference, then we need to seek the university community's input and ideas."
  • "In the Division of Student Affairs, we don't just do our work for students, we do our work with students."
  • "The end result should hit a sweet spot somewhere between a complicated flow chart and a bumper sticker slogan."
  • "The sweet spot will be relevant to all and specific to OHIO. It should be a tool to empower staff at all levels."

Planning Principles

To guide planning strategies and future implementation, the following planning principles were developed based on feedback from division employees:

  • Everyone’s voice in DOSA matters.
  • Assessment of our current position is crucial.
  • Communication, transparency and marketing are key.
  • The process should develop a sense of community and trust.
  • The plan should be student centered.
  • The plan should define the must-haves.
  • The end product should be a living, breathing document that is relevant.
  • The end result should hit a sweet spot.