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Equity and Social Justice

  • Spring 2022 Lunch'n'Learns

    January 19

    Abby Conder Lussier, International Student Advisor - International Student and Faculty Services, for a professional development opportunity on Strategies for dismantling racial inequities and creating more inclusive spaces, Community engagement, Exploring important terms and concepts.


The OHIO Division of Student Affairs will ensure that a framework of equity and social justice is embedded into its day-to-day work.

Key Results

  • 1A: We will be the kind of division that values growth, strives for inclusion and cultivates community.
  • 1B: Cultural competency will be built into the job descriptions of all DOSA employees, and the skills/cultural competence of its staff will be evaluated annually.   
  • 1C: Every employee will have a personal professional development goal around equity and social justice; each department will develop and implement a yearly service growth and improvement plan around equity and social justice.
  • 1D: Every employee will be provided quality equity and social justice training annually by the division.


Fall 2019

  • Developed and distributed a DOSA staff climate survey 
  • Collected DOSA departmental ESJ goals 
  • Selected and distributed a personal assessment tool (DAP) to help employees create ESJ personal goals 
  • Distributed in-service menu to help DOSA employees fulfill in-service requirement 
  • 82% of DOSA position descriptions have been changed to include ESJ language 

Spring 2020

  • Collected and distributed DOSA staff climate survey results 
  • Distributed more clear guidelines and expectations for annual departmental ESJ goals 
  • Administered staff personal assessment tool (DAP) to classified non-bargaining unit DOSA staff
  • Distributed an in-service menu to help DOSA employees fulfill in-service requirement

Fall 2020

  • Communicated new in-service reporting and reflection tool for staff to customize their professional development experiences related to ESJ
  • Launched a new ESJ onboarding series in partnership with the Division of Diversity and Inclusion

Spring 2021

  • Hosted a DOSA professional development experience featuring conference-style programming tailored to a variety of ESJ competencies for all staff
  • Presented an ESJ storytelling session to DOSA leaders about the impact of the committee's work on the OHIO community

Summer 2021

  • Developed and implemented a Diversity and Social Justice training for all new staff

Coming Fall 2021

  • Continue committee's commitment to storytelling.
  • Program development for 2022 professional development experience

Summer 2022

  • The committee did not kick off until August 2022
  • Meagan Day & Taylor Tackett (co-chairs) had planning meetings with Cindy Cogswell and VP Bill Schafer

Fall 2022

  • Created collaboration and conversation with the Division of Diversity and Inclusion to make sure strategic planning goals and purpose were in line with each other to avoid overlap or conflicts.Met with Duane Bruce and Dr. Nnoromele to discuss our efforts and events. Started conversation of how DOSA and D&I could benefit each other with Spring events between DOSA’s Professional Development Conference and D&I’s Diversity Leadership Institute (Both in March/April)
  • Took intentional time to re-group and re-shape the committee’s intention and purpose and discuss what the focuses of this committee should be

Spring 2023

  • Facilitated 2.5 hour session at January 5th DOSA onboarding with Duane Bruce and Chris Fowler
  • Meagan Day & Taylor Tackett (co-chairs) met with VPC to discuss expectations and next steps for the committee
  • Hosted ½ day virtual Spring Professional Development Workshop on Thursday, March 2. Included 6 different presentations and a student experience panel and had about 123 attendees
  • Assessed workshop feedback and data and developed processes for supplying feedback to presenters. Created recommendations for future workshops
  • Created future planning recommendations for committee moving forward

Committee Members


Meagan Day, Assistant Director of Facility Operations, Bird Ice Arena & Walter Fieldhouse, Well-being and Recreation

Staffed by

  • Ann Brandon, Associate Director for Prevention and Education, Office of Health Promotion, Well-being and Recreation
  • Dorian Callahan, staff counselor, Counseling & Psychological Services
  • Duane Bruce, Executive Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Office of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Cynthia Cogswell, director of strategic planning and assessment, Division of Student Affairs
  • Makenzie Olaker, assistant director for student engagement, Campus Involvement Center
  • Merilee Meyer, Basic Needs Coordinator, Dean of Students Office
  • Jim Sand, Assistant Director, Housing and Residence Life
  • Taylor Tackett (vice chair), Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Community Standards and Student Responsibility, Dean of Students Office
  • Tony Tyler, Assistant Director for Recruitment, Selection, Training, & Development, Housing and Residence Life
  • Victoria Van Pelt, Production Manager, Culinary Services


If you are interested in joining the committee, attending meetings, or viewing meeting minutes, please contact Tammy Babylon at