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Conference and Event Services Response to COVID-19

Please note that Conference and Event Services is open but we are working under a modified schedule and some staff are working remotely. 

Important Update:

As a result of COVID-19, EMS is no longer active for virtual reservations. Conference and Event Services will only be taking reservations for the Spring Semester 2021 via email at reservations@ohio.edu. If you have any questions, please contact your reservations coordinator.

“Opening Day”, where the Conference and Event Services Reservations book opens up to accept events on our EMS software, will not be occurring this Spring.  

Please anticipate updates by June 1st, on new processes to reserve spaces for the 2021-2022 Fall Semester and beyond.  

Event Guidelines During Covid-19

Ohio University Conference and Event Services will abide by guidance provided by State of Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, The Center for Disease Control, and the Ohio University leadership. It is important to note that these guidelines are temporary and subject to change provided additional public health information or University leadership direction.

Building Hours

Baker University Center

May 5 - August 22

Monday - Saturday 7:30 AM - 7:00 PM

Galbreath Chapel

Open only during reserved event

Memorial Auditorium

Open only during reserved event

General Event Guidelines

  • When scheduling events during Spring Semester, Conference and Event Services will adhere to the following University space guidelines when competing demand exists: 
    1. Study and student activities
    2. University major events
    3. New student recruitment
    4. University event - internal audience
    5. University event - external and internal audience
    6. External event - external audience
  • The maximum capacity for any event held in Conference and Event Services spaces including Baker University Center, Memorial Auditorium, Galbreath Chapel, and Walter Rotunda is 10 people.
  • Sponsoring group will have a complete list of attendees with contact information should contact tracing become necessary.
  • Any patron visiting Ohio University's campus for an event must adhere to Ohio University's Safety Protocols.
  • All scheduled events will adhere to the following social distancing guidelines:
    • Use current recommendations of 6 feet physical distancing between guests. Furniture unavailable for use will be blocked off, aisles enlarged, and banquet table spacing and seating staggered to allow distancing.
    • Control and designate ingress and egress points in event spaces to ensure distancing is maintained.
    • Reservation confirmations will be dependent upon meeting with a reservations coordinator to discuss event plans and procedures. Event planners must agree to adhere to further guidelines discussed during event advancement.
    • Customers hosting events are responsible for enforcement of social distancing, event guidelines, masks, and attendee tracking for contact tracing purposes. 

Updates to Conference and Event Services Processes

  • Only 2 tabling locations will be available during Spring Semester, outside the 4th floor of Baker University Center.
  • Existing conference room reservations have been canceled. Please reach out to reservations@ohio.edu, or a reservations coordinator below to reserve an in-person conference room.
  • Virtual EMS will not be accessible to the public during Spring Semester.
  • If you plan to move your event to a virtual environment, and no longer need your physical reservation, please contact your reservations coordinator to cancel your reservation.
  • If you need to make a reservation, please email reservations@ohio.edu, or to discuss your reservation needs, contact:
  • All Digital Display reservations can be made through Erin Wooten, dunne1@ohio.edu
  • Any questions about hosting a conference on campus can be directed to conferences@ohio.edu, or by contacting:

Online/Virtual Event Options

Standard Meetings and Small Events - Microsoft Teams meetings are available to all faculty and staff to utilize for remote meetings and events. The following webpage outlines how to get started using Teams for your next meeting or event. These meetings can support up to 250 participants (in the form of presenters or attendees). This is a great choice for collaborative meetings, breakout sessions, and small presentations. www.ohio.edu/oit/services/collaboration/teams

Presentations and Larger Events - Conference and Event Services offers two methods for streaming larger presentations or events from our venues. 

  1. Microsoft Teams Live Events - These events can support up to 20,000 simultaneous viewers with as many as 250 presenters, moderated Q&A sections, post event recording, post event attendee reporting, and Q&A log. This is a great choice for broadcasting a town-hall meeting, keynote speeches, or large training sessions.
  2. YouTube Live - These events can support over 100,000 simultaneous viewers, live chat, post event recording available on OUCES YouTube channel. This is a great choice for concerts/performances, memorial services, or lectures.

*Streaming services start at $125/hour of streaming time. This includes setup/configuration of the stream, a 30-minute test session, and technical support during the stream. Streams will consist of a single camera or webcam and a single playback source for presentation material. Any presentation media needs to be submitted to our technical team at least 72 hours prior to the event. Once the event in over, the recording and an other resources will be made available to the customer. This pricing does not include content creation, media editing, or chat/Q&A moderation.


Conference and Event Services is still taking reservations for conferences. Our office can assist in virtual or in-person events. Please note, no in-person events of 10 people or more until January 2021, at which time we will provide an update.


At this time we are not accepting wedding reservations for August 2020 through January 2021. If you have specific questions, please email weddings@ohio.edu

Ticket Office

In person sales not available, please purchase all tickets for future events online. Signage and messaging will be updated as necessary.

Please check in with the Ohio University coronavirus response page for University-wide updates.

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