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Self-Help Brochures


CPS has a number of Self Help Brochures for students who:

  • Need Information for a class presentation or other public arena.
  • Need some ways of identifying problems in themselves or friends, and some helpful tips to "jumpstart" a needed change.
  • Are reluctant to consider face-to-face counseling right away, but want a more private way to begin to understand their problem (or the problems of a friend) and to give them courage to consider talking with someone.
  • Need an easier way to bring up a problem with a friend or family member and use one of our booklets as a "conversation starter."
  • Are psychological minded and curious about the following topics:

    Breaking Up

    Controlling Your Temper


    Exam Panic

    Friendships Gone Bad

    Irresistible Urges



Long Distance Relationships



Relationships that Hurt


Stop Being So Negative

Suicide: Helping Someone At Risk

Worrying: How to do less of it

These Self-Help Brochures are available to all OU students free of cost. 

Ordering Self Help Brochures

If other counseling centers or agencies are interested in these brochures, please contact Counseling and Psychological Services at 740-593-1616.