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Self-Help Apps

CPS recognizes there are several mental health apps available for student use, including the apps listed and not listed on our website. We encourage each individual to be mindful of what information they are sharing within these apps, as not all apps have secure data storage or strong privacy policies regarding the sensitive information potentially disclosed within the app.

Also see information about WellTrack, the self-guided interactive online therapy program available to all Ohio University students.

Meditation and Mindfulness

These apps help individuals develop meditation and relaxation practices. These practices include breathing exercises, sleep hygiene strategies, guided meditation, stretching exercises, and relaxing music.


Calm App Logo

Calm for iOS or Android  




Headspace App Logo

Headspace for iOS or Android



This app, online calculator, and iPhone feature can help improve your sleep habits. CBT-i Coach will help individuals learn about sleep, develop healthy sleep hygiene, and offers numerous guided relaxation exercises to use to aid in sleep.

Sleepyti.me is an online calculator that can help you estimate sleep/wake times to get a restful amount of sleep. Consider using the iPhone feature Go to Bed to establish consistent sleep/wake times. For additional sleep hygiene tips, check out the Sleep Foundation's article on Healthy Sleep Tips.


CBT-i Coach App Logo

CBT-i Coach for iOS or Android


Substance Use

This app helps calculate blood alcohol concentration (BAC) to increase your awareness of how different factors affect your BAC, and help increase your understanding of how long it takes for your BAC to return to 0. This is not intended to measure BAC, rather to increase awareness of how your BAC may be affected.


Virtual Bar App Logo

Virtual Bar for iOS or Android


Sexual Assault/Trauma

These apps provide safety features to help individuals feel safe when walking home or going out for the night, knowing they can quickly notify friends/family/local authorities of their location and receive help. 


Circle of 6 App Logo

Circle of 6 for iOS  




bSafe App Logo

bSafe for iOS or Android



This app provides individuals with education about Posttraummatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and provides a variety of tools to help cope. These tools include relaxation skills, positive self-talk, anger management, and other self-help strategies.


PTSD Coach App Logo

PTSD Coach for iOS or Android


Eating Disorder

This app may be helpful in supporting individual eating disorder treatment outside of counseling sessions. It allows individuals to track their progress, build on coping strategies using a CBT approach, log meals, and possibly link with clinicians they are working with who can offer feedback based on your app data. 


Recovery Record App Logo

Recovery Record for iOS or Android