Ohio University

Psychiatric Consultation

Psychiatric services are provided to complement counseling and therapy at the Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS). Psychiatric medication is most effective when combined with therapy. Medications are prescribed when symptoms of mental health or emotional illness are severe, persistent, and interfere with normal functioning. It is not required that the student receive medication to consult with the psychiatrist. The student needs to be referred to the psychiatrist through their initial appointment or assigned counselor at CPS. There may be times when the psychiatrist is not able to take new patients in a timely fashion; at periods of peak demand for psychiatric services, the wait for an initial psychiatric appointment may be 4-6 weeks. Students may be triaged with safety and degree of impairment in mind. Students can be seen at Campus Care for less severe problems such as depression, anxiety, and ADHD. The intake counselor or assigned CPS counselor may refer students to Campus Care providers for medication evaluation and treatment, when clinically appropriate.

It is advised the student have a physical exam prior to seeing the psychiatrist to ensure safety in the use of medication as well as ruling out a medical illness that might masquerade as psychiatric illness.

The psychiatrist is seen as a consultant: The psychiatrist can only see OHIO students and only while they are enrolled at OHIO. While the psychiatrist manages the medications and is available 12 months a year, the student may not be able to see the psychiatrist 12 months a year (i.e. winter break, summer, internship, study abroad). The psychiatrist is not available when CPS offices are closed. It is in the student's best interest to have another provider. They may need one on breaks, and may need one when they graduate or withdraw from school. It may take 3 months or longer to find another psychiatrist.

There are times when the psychiatrist feels that they are not able to treat the student. This will be discussed with the student during the first session or subsequent sessions and recommendations will be made for outside referrals.

ADHD evaluation and Treatment: If the psychiatrist schedule allows, ADHD may be evaluated and treated. However the student will be requested to provide copies of cognitive/neuropsychological testing completed in the last 3 years prior to a prescription for a stimulant medication. Having such evaluation within the past three years will expedite the treatment at CPS. Urine Drug Screens are routine in treating ADHD and are at the expense of the student. If you are planning to consult CPS psychiatrist for ADHD treatment, please click here for more information.

If you need to consult a CPS psychiatrist:

  1. Request your current provider to send medical records to CPS particularly if you are receiving medication and any previous hospitalizations.
  2. Students may call 740-593-1616 and schedule an initial appointment to initiate services at CPS for the first time, or clients seeking to return to services at CPS after a "break" in receiving services. Initial appointment will help students to decide what services may be best suited for their needs.
  3. If you request a consult with a psychiatrist and/or your intake appointment counselor recommends that you be evaluated by a psychiatrist, a psychiatric appointment may be made at the end of the session. Please know if CPS psychiatrists are not available to see you within a reasonable period of time, your intake counselor will discuss with you the possibility of referral to Campus Care physician or an outside provider, when clinically appropriate.

Preparing for your first psychiatric appointment:

  1. You will be given the Psychiatric Questionnaire at the end of the first session when a psychiatric appointment is made. You must complete this form before coming for your first appointment with the psychiatrist.
  2. Please make sure the medical records from your previous provider have been requested and are released to CPS for your psychiatrist's review
  3. For your psychiatric appointment, bring a list of previous medications used as well as your responses to each medication.

We look forward to working with you at Counseling and Psychological Services.