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Outreach and Consultation 

As an integral part of Counseling and Psychological Services and in keeping with its mission, Outreach and Consultation develops relationships with our campus community by extending the services of our clinicians beyond our physical site, to the campus.  We cast a wide net and are intentional in planning systematic, and creative psycho-educational programming that emphasizes a multicultural and developmental perspective on prevention, wellness, and student self-help. We collaborate with  staff and programs within the broader campus community as well as with various departments and units to enhance the general campus climate.

As part of the Division of Student Affairs, Counseling and Psychological Services is passionate about serving the mental health needs of students. We meet the needs of students in a variety of contexts with the goal of creating a supportive presence that is well-integrated at all levels of the student experience. This includes reaching out to students through consultations, workshops and other psycho-educational forms. We have strong relationships with administrative, academic and student-maintained organizations. 

Counseling and Psychological Services values a campus climate that provides a safe and optimal learning environment for all students. In keeping with CPS’s diversity statement, CPS is committed to providing leadership in areas of diversity that include but are not limited to LGBT populations, international student populations, first generation college students, and cultural/ethnic minority student populations.

Requesting Outreach Programming 

Outreach requests are available to students, faculty and staff with sufficient notice. Please note that CPS asks a minimum of three weeks' notice from the date you wish to have the program to consider a request, with the exception of an urgent need response.  We will attempt to honor each request in a timely manner; however, fulfilment of requests is contingent upon scheduling, availability of staff, and type of request submitted.

In line with university guidelines, outreach programming from CPS will be coordinated through remote technologies (i.e., Microsoft Teams) until further notice.

Various workshop topics covered in the past include, but are not limited to stress management, depression/anxiety, suicide prevention, eating/body image concerns, academic stress, test anxiety, time management, healthy relationships, helping a friend/family member/partner, adjustment to college, substance abuse, overview of CPS services, and crisis debriefing.

In addition to outreach presentations, we maintain an active social media presence via our YouTube Channel and Twitter Account

Please go to the link below to find out more information on requesting a presentation:

Outreach Request Form 


If you are a staff member in Residence Life and want to request an outreach activity to your residents, please contact the Counselor-in-Residence program. 

Liaison Services 

Outreach services include providing consultation services to academic and other student service units across campus. Counseling and Psychological Services has worked to establish strong relationships across various units on campus.  We maintain close connections with Housing and Residence Life, Campus Care, Allen Help Center, Student Accessibility Services, Survivor Advocacy Program, D&I Offices, International Students and Faculty Services, and the Psychology and Social Work Clinic who are strong partners in student support and success initiatives. If you are interested to learn more about our liaison services, contact our Outreach Coordinator at 740-593-1616.

Embedded Services 

CPS has collaborated with the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine and the Division of Diversity and Inclusion to create embedded clinicians who work directly in those offices. The designated embedded clinician in each of these departments provides direct clinical services as well as outreach programming and consultation services. If your office or department is interested in exploring the possibility of an embedded clinician dedicated to your office/department, please contact the CPS director at castelin@ohio.edu.