Ohio University

Interns, CRs, BASICS, and Trainees

CPS is also staffed by psychology interns, who are completing doctoral degrees from universities around the country, and trainees from the Clinical Psychology, Counselor Education, and Social Work departments on the OU Athens campus. CPS also has BASICS counselors, who are graduate students trained in alcohol and drug screening and intervention, as well as Counselors-in-Residence who include doctoral graduate students who live in the residence halls and provide outreach and crisis intervention to students on campus.

2020-2021 Training Cohorts

Predoctoral Psychology Interns

Heidi Binder, M.A.

Andrea Cooper, M.A.

Aaron Melnek, M.A.


Clinical Counselor Graduate Assistants

  • Jessica Markowitz
  • Madeline Stevens
  • Brandon Tomlinson


  • Daniel Amparbeng
  • Chanda Pinkney
  • Levi Toback

Clinical Psychology/Counselor Education/Social Work Trainees

  • Hadeer Abualhotail
  • Ibrahim Akmese
  • Richa Batia
  • Lorraine Koobokile

Past Fellows

2017-2018 Fellows

  • Nathan Sainsbury, Psy.D.
  • Brock Schludecker, Psy.D.

2016-2017 Fellow

  • Lauren Ranney, Psy.D.

Past Predoctoral Psychology Interns

2019-2020 Predoctoral Psychology Interns

  • Amanda Kapp, M.S.
  • Kristen Reser, M.A.
  • Lindsay Watts, M.A.

2018-2019 Predoctoral Psychology Interns

  • Shamima Akhter, M.A.
  • Marque Griggs, M.A.
  • Briana Weisner, M.S.

2017-2018 Predoctoral Psychology Intern

  • Sierra Garthwaite, M.A.

2016-2017 Predoctoral Psychology Interns

  • Michelle Barron-Wearsch, M.Ed.
  • Lindsay Donofrio, M.A.

2015-2016 Predoctoral Psychology Interns

  • Bradford Meyers, M.A.
  • Lauren Ranny, M.S.
  • Alex Rowell, M.A.

2014-2015 Predoctoral Psychology Interns

  • Paul Carbajal, M.A.
  • Elisabeth Knauer-Turner, M.S.
  • Mitch Powers, M.A.

2013-2014 Predoctoral Psychology Interns

  • Joe Bennett, M.A.
  • Bryan Conrad, M.S.
  • Kendra Mathys, M.A.

2012-2013 Predoctoral Psychology Interns

  • Melinda Honeycutt, M.A.
  • Johanna Malaret, M.A.
  • Amber Silverman, M.A.

2011-2012 Predoctoral Psychology Interns

  • Meghan Kean, M.A.
  • Matthew Kellar, M.A.
  • Anna Stark, M.S.

2010-2011 Predoctoral Psychology Interns

  • Kristi Peterson
  • Brandi Pritchett
  • Sofie Shouse