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Information for Faculty and Staff

Consulting with CPS staff and/or Referring students to CPS

When a faculty/staff wants to consult a CPS staff, simply call CPS number 740-593-1616. When needing to refer a student to CPS, provide CPS information to the student and encourage them to call or walk-in to CPS.  

A faculty/staff may accompany a student to CPS to assist and or to make sure the student is connected with mental health services. CPS offers emergency consult hours both by phone and or walk-in between 10am and 3:30pm. Please visit our Crisis Support page for additional resources.  

If during remote conversation with a student via Phone, TEAMS (or Zoom, etc.), a faculty/staff-member becomes concerned about that student’s mental health/well-being here are some recommendations/procedures to consider: 

If a student is in imminent danger (reports that they have attempted or planning to attempt suicide, homicide, etc.) try to get student’s location and call 911 or OUPD: 740-593-1911 for students on Athens campus. 

If a student is not in imminent danger but reports and or appears to be in acute distress (severely depressed, anxious, and unable to function well), consider connecting the student to CPS:   

  • Staff-person/faculty member should advise student of their intent to facilitate connection with CPS while remaining engaged with student via screen. 

  • Staff-person/faculty member should instruct the student to contact CPS via phone while both parties remain engaged on screen. 

  • When student makes contact with CPS via phone, staff-person/faculty member can terminate remote/screen connection with student. 

  • If staff-person/faculty has information, regarding student/situation that they feel could be of value to clinician, they are encouraged to contact CPS by phone following the termination of the remote session with student to pass along that information. 

A staff/faculty may consult a CPS staff prior to referring a student to CPS when uncertain about asking a student to be connected with CPS. You may put the student on hold (mute Teams/Zoom) and call CPS to consult and for recommendations. 

In the event, the student is presenting mild distress and may benefit from talking to a counselor at CPS, staff/faculty may provide information about CPS, CPS drop in phone hours (10am to 3:30pm). Staff/faculty may forward the information via email to the student including a link to CPS webpage:  https://www.ohio.edu/student-affairs/counseling   

Staff/faculty may call CPS for consultation and advice but may not ask CPS staff to contact a student of concern. CPS does not contact students asking them to seek help. Counseling works best when it is sought voluntarily or at the advice of concerned people in their lives. When a student is not willing or interested in the faculty/staff/ recommendation of seeking CPS services, Staff/faculty have the option of completing a student of concern form through the Dean of Students office if the faculty/staff is concerned for the safety and welfare of the students and or others. Please complete the form using this link: https://www.ohio.edu/student-affairs/dean-of-students/reporting-concerns-about-student