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Counseling Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS)?

Please contact Counseling and Psychological Services at 740-593-1616 if you need to consult or if you would like to make an appointment. Please click on the link to find out our Hours and Locations.

What Services Are Available?

CPS offers a number of direct clinical services that are listed below. CPS also offers a variety of virtual and online self-help therapy and support programs. Please visit our website to learn more about these programs.  

  • Individual counseling and psychotherapy  
  • Group counseling and psychotherapy  
  • Marriage and couples counseling -- one member must be an OU student.  
  • Crisis intervention  
  • Psychiatry  
  • Single Sessions 
  • Let’s Talk – Counselors-in-Residence services 
  • Coping Clinic 
  • Special testing  
  • Consultation -- that is, talking with you when you are worried about others.  
  • Topical workshops  
  • 24/7 Crisis Intervention Service: 740-593-1616 

To learn more about our services offered, please visit our Services page.

How Do I Make an Appointment?

Students may call 740-593-1616 and schedule an initial appointment to initiate services at CPS for the first time, or clients seeking to return to services at CPS after a "break" in receiving services. For more information, please click on Make an Appointment.

How much do services at CPS cost?

If you're a registered undergraduate or graduate student, and you have chosen the WellBeing Fee or are under the Guaranteed tuition plan for the current semester, CPS provides the following services at no charge: 

Please visit the WellBeing Fee webpage for more information or contact wellbeing@ohio.edu for specific questions. 

What If My Concerns Are Urgent?

If you need emergency care at an Emergency Room call 911, or the Ohio University Police Department at 740-593-1911.

If you are experiencing a crisis, you may speak with a counselor any time of day or night 24/7 by calling the CPS phone number: 740-593-1616. 

For more information, click on Crisis Support.

What Will Happen During My First Initial Appointment?

Before you meet with a counselor for this initial appointment, you will complete some intake paperwork and provide background information. During this initial meeting, you will meet with a counselor for about 25 minutes to share your concerns, provide basic information about how you are functioning, and discuss options of care available to you.  

What Happens After My First Initial Appointment?

If you and your counselor during your initial appointment decide that continued counseling at CPS would be beneficial, your counselor will discuss various counseling services including group therapy, single sessions, Coping Clinic, individual therapy, etc., either at CPS or in the community. If it was decided that you will benefit from individual therapy at CPS, you will be assigned to a first available counselor. If you request a specific counselor, it may take longer to be assigned depending on the availability of those specific counselors.  Your assigned counselor will contact you to schedule the first appointment. If you are recommended to participate in group therapy, a group screening may be scheduled during this initial appointment.  This counselor may recommend that you consider online therapy modules such as WellTrack and Togetherall and other Well-being services offered on campus. If your needs are different from what we can provide, we will help you find the most appropriate resources and facilitate a referral. 

Are Services Confidential?

Information shared in counseling is regarded by law as privileged communication, and with rare exceptions it cannot be disclosed to others without your explicit permission. In other words, no one outside CPS, including faculty, parents, and administrators, has access to your records or what you discuss with your counselor. Nothing appears on your records elsewhere in the university, nor is information you disclose to a counselor disclosed to anyone unless you request and authorize it. In addition, what you talk about with your counselor will not be made a part of any of your record elsewhere in the University unless you request or authorize it. 

All of our counseling services are confidential with the rare exception of situations where a person poses an immediate and serious risk to the well-being of self or to others. Also, Ohio state law requires that therapists report suspected cases of child or elder abuse, or the abuse of a disabled person. There may also be situations in which CPS is required to release records in order to comply with a court order. If you have concerns or questions about confidentiality or any other matter, please bring them up with your counselor. PS is compliant with federal HIPAA regulations. All clients will be provided with a copy of our HIPAA-compliant privacy policy. You may view this policy online via this link.

Do You Provide Medication?

Limited psychiatric consultation for medication is available at CPS. If medication evaluation is necessary, your initial counselor or your assigned counselor will discuss with you the options of referral to a CPS psychiatrist or to a Campus Care and or a community provider. For more information regarding psychiatry, please visit Psychiatric Consultation

When Is CPS Open?

Please call 740-593-1616 to consult or to make an initial appointment. Our hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. weekdays. Should you require emergency care when we are not open, please call CPS number 593-1616 and a counselor will assist you. During an emergency you can also go to your local emergency room or call OUPD, 740-593-1911.

Do you write letters for Emotional Support Animals (ESA)?

The Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) does NOT provide documentation or letters of support for Emotional Support Animals (ESA).