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Disordered Eating and Eating Disorder Services

Mental health services for students trying to manage an eating disorder or disordered eating are important, in part so that a student is successful in their academics. CPS staff will assist students in finding the appropriate level of care for these needs and symptoms. Eating disorder support to help students whose symptoms are stable but need support to stay on track is available at CPS. This support may also involve a referral to Campus Care or another primary care provider and a dietician. This support will likely include ongoing care coordination with previous providers. If additional services are needed to assist a student with symptoms that are not currently stable or well-managed, we will help a student explore and access services at a higher, more appropriate level of care.

Self Assessment

Take an online anonymous assessment to find out if you should seek professional help for eating problems.

Eating Disorders Support Team (EDST)

The Eating Disorder Support Team is an interdisciplinary team comprised of physicians, a dietitian, counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists who help students with eating and/or body image concerns. The interdisciplinary team is designed to support students whose symptoms are currently stable but who need additional support to stay on track. Some students may need a higher level of care than the EDST is able to provide. When this occurs, EDST members will work with students to make referrals to other resources and treatment options.

National Eating Disorders Association

Learn more about eating disorders, contributing factors to and consequences of eating disorders, tips about what you can say and do to help, and general guidelines for families and friends of persons with eating disorders.