Ohio University

Spring 2021

Spring 2021

The Counseling and Psychological Services provides professional mental health services and will rely on telehealth to deliver those services during spring semester 2021. 

Telehealth includes two options, two-way video or phone. CPS will provide individual and group counseling, consultation and referral services, psychiatric services, Coping Clinic, outreach presentations and 24/7 crisis interventions.  

For crisis management and to initiate all other services, students are directed to call CPS -740-593-1616.  CPS counselors are available to provide phone consultations (phone drop-in) between 9:45am to 3:15pm from Monday to Friday on business days to discuss concerns and provide support. Students also have the option of calling during business hours and scheduling an appointment to initiate mental health services. Students, faculty and staff will be using the phone to talk to a counselor for crisis, consultation or to initiate services instead of walking into the building. 

Faculty, staff and parents are instructed to call CPS # 740-593-1616 for all emergencies and consultations.   

CPS is available for phone drop-in appointments during its regular drop-in schedule as well as crisis/emergency services via ProtoCall during after-hours. Clinicians will determine appropriate care through phone consultation in the event of an emergency and only on case by case basis may schedule to see a student in person.   

No unscheduled in-person walk-ins or drop-ins at CPS are planned for the spring semester 2021.   

For more information, please go to the following: 

Crisis Support: https://www.ohio.edu/student-affairs/counseling/crisis/emergency   

Services We offer: www.ohio.edu/student-affairs/counseling/services  

Telehealth Services: www.ohio.edu/student-affairs/counseling/telehealth

CPS offers numerous resources for students: 

Togetherall: www.ohio.edu/student-affairs/counseling/togetherall  

WellTrack: www.ohio.edu/student-affairs/counseling/welltrack  

My SSP: www.ohio.edu/student-affairs/counseling/my-ssp   

Anxiety and depression workshops: www.ohio.edu/student-affairs/counseling/workshops   

CPS offers many other well-being resources such as managing stress related to COVID-19, grief and loss, mindfulness meditations, etc., on its website: https://www.ohio.edu/student-affairs/counseling Check the Resources tab.

CPS recognizes the enormous impact of a global pandemic has on our students including concerns for their wellbeing and their loved ones.  Student may experience increased anxiety, worry, fear and may become easily overwhelmed. There are steps students can take on a day-to-day basis to manage these difficulties. Please visit: https://www.ohio.edu/student-affairs/counseling/coping-quarantine for various resources for those affected by race related violence as well as those who want to learn more and support social justice and equity.

We, as a nation, are also confronting the race-related violence and the relentless traumatic and unjust impact of racial profiling, stereotyping, discrimination and oppression on mental health and wellbeing. Please visit:  https://www.ohio.edu/student-affairs/counseling/cps-response-race-violence for various resources for those affected by race related violence as well as for those who want to learn more and support social justice and equity.

It is during these difficult times we urge every Bobcat to pay attention to and take care of mental health.


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