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If you are trying to reach a counselor during an Emergency or want to talk to someone immediately, please call CPS (740) 593-1616 or OUPD (740) 593-1911 at any time.

If you want to make an appointment to see a counselor or want to participate in other services offered by CPS, please call (740) 593-1616 or stop by our office (Hudson Health Center, 3rd floor) during the open office hours. 

Our fax number is (740) 593-0091.

Do not use E-mail to communicate emergency or confidential information.

CPS Staff

Barry Brady Profile Picture
Barry Brady, Psy.D.
Psychologist/Group Coordinator
(740) 593-1616
Emily Brunton Profile Picture
Emily Brunton
Health Services Associate
(740) 593-1616
Paul Castelino Profile Picture
Paul Castelino, Ph.D.
(740) 593-1616
Rebecca Conrad Davenport Profile Picture
Rebecca Conrad Davenport, Ph.D.
Associate Director/Clinical Director
(740) 593-1616
Suzanne Ferraro Profile Picture
Suzanne Ferraro
Health Services Associate
Susan Folger Profile Picture
Susan Folger, Ph.D.
Psychologist/Eating Disorder Support Team Coordinator
(740) 593-1616
Staci Gambill Profile Picture
Staci L. Gambill, CMA, AAMA, AAS
Certified Medical Assistant
(740) 593-1616
Gerard Grigsby Profile Picture
Gerard Grigsby, M.Ed., LPCC
Counselor/Outreach Coordinator
(740) 593-1616
Chris Henry Profile Picture
Chris Henry, LSW
Clinical Care Manager
(740) 593-1616
Heidi Jache Profile Picture
Heidi Jache, MD
(740) 593-1616
Bradford Meyers Profile Picture
Bradford Meyers, Psy.D.
Assistant Director/Training Director
(740) 593-1616
Patricia Mickunas Profile Picture
Patricia Mickunas, MD
(740) 593-1616
Kristyn Neckles Profile Picture
Kristyn Neckles, Psy.D.
Psychology Resident
(740) 593-1616
Katie O'Rourke Profile Picture
Katie O'Rourke, CMA
Certified Medical Assistant
(740) 592-1616
Michelle Pride Profile Picture
Michelle Pride, Ph.D.
Psychologist/Athletics Embedded Clinician
(740) 593-1616
Alex Reed Profile Picture
Alex Reed, M.Ed., LPCC-S
Counselor/BASICS Coordinator
(740) 593-1616
Rinda Scoggan Profile Picture
Rinda Scoggan, M.Ed., LPCC-S, LICDC-CS
Counselor/Assistant Training Director
(740) 593-1616
Rachel Siegel Profile Picture
Rachel Siegel, M.Ed., LPCC-S
(740) 593-1616
Rebecca Smith Profile Picture
Rebecca Smith, Ph.D., LPC, NCC
Counselor/HCOM Embedded Clinician
(740) 593-1616
Inez Stanley-Linscott Profile Picture
Inez Stanley-Linscott, BSS, AA
Administrative Services Specialist
(740) 593-1616
Mitzi Trentacoste Profile Picture
Mitzi Trentacoste, M.A.
Business and Technology Manager
(740) 593-1616
Amanda Uribe Profile Picture
Amanda Uribe
Health Services Associate
(740) 593-1616
Justin Wheeler Profile Picture
L. Justin Wheeler, LISW-S
Social Worker
(740) 593-1616
Megan Yetzer Profile Picture
Megan Yetzer, Ph.D.