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Clinical Psychology Traineeship



A placement at CPS includes seeing Ohio University student clients from a variety of backgrounds and with a variety of concerns. Trainees will provide counseling to on-going individual clients, as well as crisis/drop-in coverage. The opportunity to process observe or co-facilitate a group is available. We at CPS believe that training future practitioners is part of our mission and therefore encourage you to participate in whatever activities we are engaged and which meet your own interests and/or career plans. We provide up to two hours of weekly one to one supervision per trainee. We also provide trainees with one and a half hours of weekly group supervision and continuing education through our Graduate Professional Seminar.

Weekly Trainee Schedule (SAMPLE)

  • 2.0 hours of individual supervision
  • 1.0 hour of supervision prep
  • 1.5 hours of GPS
  • 10-11 hours of individual client contact
  • 2.0 hours of Drop-In/Initial Contact & Referral
  • 2.0 hours of paperwork
  • 0-2 hours for other training experiences as assigned (outreach, group therapy, etc.)

Policy and Procedures

Please see Training Policy and Procedures for all information regarding taping, documentation of clients and supervision, etc.


Individual Clinical Supervision (2 hrs/wk, through Fall, Winter, and Spring semesters)

Trainee supervision is a priority of the program and is geared to the trainee's developmental needs. Each trainee receives a minimum of two hours of individual supervision weekly. One supervisor is a licensed psychologist and the other is a pre-doctoral psychology intern (supervised by a licensed psychologist). In addition, other staff members contribute supplementary supervision on an as-needed basis. Trainees are evaluated at the end of each academic semester over their two-semester experience by their ongoing supervisors. This evaluation as well as their evaluation of supervision are shared with the psychology department. At the end of the academic year, competency review forms will be completed by the licensed primary supervisor and shared with the psychology department. Evaluation is discussed in more detail in the section on Evaluation in the Training Policies and Procedures.

Philosophy of Training

Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) at Ohio University offers a Traineeship in Clinical Psychology, based on a Developmental Mentorship training philosophy. Our program is designed to build upon previously acquired skills and knowledge, fostering the competencies for delivering professional psychological services. We provide graduated learning opportunities with increased responsibility as the year progresses, and focus on the developmental process and transitions of trainees as they move from student/learner in the classroom to learner/practitioner in the field.

The basic component of our training program are: 1) a strong emphasis on the growth process of the trainees throughout their experience of socialization in to the field of professional psychology, and 2) the amount and quality of supervision and mentoring the intern receives from experienced clinicians. For doctoral students in the clinical psychology program who do elect to pursue a traineeship at our clinic, this means they will have an opportunity to grow as practitioners through intensive hands-on experience, with a great deal of supervision, mentoring, and consultation, in a supportive environment, with a seminar that integrates shared clinical experiences that puts a high premium on valuing diversity among people. Any trainee coming to CPS would work within this value.

The multicultural staff at CPS recognizes that many factors including race, ethnicity, range of ability, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, culture, socioeconomic status, and other unique challenges are salient in students' lives. It is our commitment to welcome all people with respect and sensitivity. CPS values all identities and we value students in all their individuality.


  1. A high quality training experience in a HIPAA-compliant environment.
  2. Flexibility and responsiveness to meet my individual training needs.
  3. Supervision from an appropriately licensed professional.
  4. A minimum 25% of training time will be spent in direct service provision.


Candidates must be enrolled in Ohio University's clinical psychology program. The first two years of supervised courses must be completed. A complete description of entrance criteria is provided in the Training Policies and Procedures.


During the preceding spring semester, interested candidates inform their Director of Clinical Training, Julie Suhr, who assigns students to CPS based on their interest, experience, and training goals.

Clinical Psychology traineeship application

If you have questions or concerns, please contact:

The staff at Counseling and Psychological Services wishes you the very best in your chosen profession.

Thank you for your interest in CPS!