Ohio University

BASICS Graduate Assistantship


The BASICS Program (Brief Alcohol and Other Drugs Screening and Intervention for College Students) provides direct counseling services to OU students, the majority of whom are referred by the Office of Community Standards and Student Responsibility following an incident involving substance use and a violation of university policy. The BASICS program utilizes motivational interviewing and the stage of change theoretical model to promote harm reduction in a two-session, individualized, one-on-one intervention. BASICS counselors and supervisors meet as a team, in a cooperative and competency-building atmosphere, for purposes of training and program administration.


The benefits listed below are subject to compliance with the policies of your home department and/or professional licensure board.

  1. Financial Aid / Compensation
    BASICS Counselors may receive monetary compensation as Graduate Assistants from Counseling & Psychological Services, commensurate with the Graduate Assistant pay structure of their department. Tuition waivers, if applicable, are provided through the home department.

  2. Education / Training / Certification / Professionalism
    BASICS Counselors receive ongoing training and clinical supervision in the effective use of motivational interviewing in conducting a brief, two-session intervention with substance using, abusing, and dependent college students. BASICS Counselors may become qualified to apply for chemical dependency counselor certification in the state of Ohio. Additional experiences in professionalism and program administration are a valuable aspect of working as part of a team in Ohio University's busy and productive university counseling center.

Clinical Training

The BASICS Program is an empirically-validated protocol. BASICS Counselors gain familiarity and training in the following:

  • Conducting brief interventions using Motivational Interviewing.
  • Identifying and differentiating substance use, abuse and dependence.
  • Applying appropriate risk reduction strategies.
  • Assessing stage of change to deliver a personalized intervention.
  • Integrating educational interventions into the counseling process.
  • Working productively with mandated and, at times, resistant clients.
  • Integrating assessment instruments (e.g., Beck Depression Inventory II, Beck Anxiety Inventory, Socrates 8A and 8D, Brief Young Adult Alcohol Consequences Questionnaire, etc.) into client-centered feedback.

Administrative Experience

The BASICS Program Graduate Assistants have been instrumental to the formation and fine-tuning of this intervention, taking initiative to create, coordinate and maintain the day-to-day operations. In addition to clinical responsibilities, BASICS Counselors are asked to share administrative responsibilities that contribute to their professional development.

BASICS Counselors:

  • Participate in weekly staff meetings to address programmatic issues.
  • Organize and secure client files, including electronic information.
  • Monitor all aspects of their work to ensure compliance with HIPAA and other legal statutes.
  • Contribute to the development, revision and implementation of Policies and Procedures.
  • Consult with outside professionals/agencies.
  • Participate in the identification of their training needs.


  1. Minimum requirements
    If you are in a graduate program with a clinical focus (counseling, psychology, social work) or if you are a graduate student with prior clinical training and experience that may be relevant, you are invited to apply for a position as a BASICS Counselor with Counseling & Psychological Services (CPS). CPS is located on the third floor of Hudson Health Center. Current or past utilization of counseling services at CPS does not disqualify an otherwise qualified graduate student from making application for a position.

    • You must have completed an introductory course or its equivalent in interviewing skills before beginning your CPS placement.
    • You must have completed an introductory course or its equivalent in diagnosis prior to a CPS placement.
    • All students must have successfully completed a practicum or have had some clinical experience prior to being placed.
    • In compliance with university standards, an iBT no less than one year old, with an overall minimum of 80, and a speaking portion score of 24-30 OR a SPEAK test score of 230 or above.
    • Applicants must submit, prior to deadline, a thoroughly completed application.
    • Applicants must have the endorsement of their faculty advisor or program director.
  2. Preferred candidates

    • Students in the doctoral program of Counselor Education or Clinical Psychology OR Second year Master's Students in the Clinical Psychology, Counselor Education, or Social Work program with counseling experience.
    • Completed chemical dependency coursework or related clinical/work experiences.
    • Submit excellent references from faculty and supervisors of clinical work.
    • Display personal investment in improving their ability to work with this population.
    • Commitment to working with diverse student populations in an affirming environment.


Please submit a BASICS G.A. Application (Word) to Alex Reed, reedj5@ohio.edu or to his mailbox on the 3rd floor of Hudson Health Center.

Deadline for submission of application materials: Friday, March 15th by 5:00 p.m.

Interviews: TBD