Ohio University

Anxiety Toolbox


Welcome to our 3-session online workshop focused on better understanding your anxiety and on building skills to cope with anxiety. To access these videos, you will be prompted to log-in to Microsoft Streams with your OHIO username and password. 


Tips to have a successful experience with the online workshop

  1. Download the workbook to follow along with the counselor and to have visuals of the information. Anxiety Toolbox Workbook
  2. Allow a minimum of 3 to 4 days (ideally a week) before watching the next session. This will give you time to practice the strategies and to give you time to reflect on the information provided. 
  3. When the counselor introduces a strategy and encourages you to take a couple of minutes to finish the handout, feel free to pause the video to finish the in-session handouts and to reflect on questions asked by the counselor.

Session 1

In this video, we will cover the differences between stress and anxiety, how anxiety can be motivational, the physical symptoms of anxiety and how it effects your body, and how to manage anxiety through deep breathing. We will also briefly discuss sleep hygiene. We will cover the CBT model for understanding how anxiety works, and introduce the Cross Sectional Formulation for disentangling the anxiety experience. After watching this video you will feel more aware of your anxious responses, better able to manage them through relaxation and deep breathing, and more knowledgeable of factors that effect anxiety such as sleep and avoidance.

Session 2

In this video, we will review the CBT model (or Cross Sectional Formulation) taught in the first Anxiety Toolbox video, discuss different styles of unhelpful thinking, and learn how to identify unhelpful thoughts and triggers in order to make changes in our thinking patterns. In this session, we will review the skill of deep breathing and learn a new relaxation skill called Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR). After watching this video, you will have more knowledge about the ways in which our thoughts can impact the way we feel, including our experience of anxiety. This video will provide concrete tools on recognizing and challenging unhelpful thought patterns.

Session 3

In this video, we will review deep breathing skills and the Cross Sectional Formulation learned in the first two Anxiety Toolbox videos. We will learn how to generate alternative responses for anxious thoughts and reactions. We will also learn grounding techniques and other forms of self-care. After watching this video, you will have a personalized action plan to manage your anxiety in the future, using tools and techniques you have gathered throughout this series.


*This workshop is adapted from Cal Poly Counseling Services Anxiety Toolbox*