Ohio University

Role of an Advisor

Students are welcome to use an advisor throughout the Community Standards Process. An advisor is an Ohio University employee or student selected by the complainant or respondent to assist them throughout the Community Standards Process. This advisor may advise and assist the complainant or respondent in the preparation for any meetings or hearings that may occur; accompany the complainant or respondent through all Community Standards Process meetings and hearing; and to actively participate in the proceedings to the extent desired by the complainant or respondent. Advisors may not be witnesses in the matter at hand, and they may not provide direct information or testimony at any point in the process. Advisors are not provided as part of the Community Standards Process, and complainants and respondents wishing to use an advisor are responsible for obtaining one.

Students Defending Students (SDS) is part of the Ohio University Student Senate. They are a group of students who are willing to serve as advisors to respondents. SDS is a student group that is independent of the Office of Community Standards and Student Responsibility. While they are not part of our office, they are very knowledgeable about our process. For students looking for assistance with the Community Standards Process, SDS may be a good starting point. Please view their website for more information about their services and how to contact them.