Ohio University

Dean's Certification Forms

Students often have need to have their student conduct history (or lack of a student conduct history) verified by our office. This often happens when a student is attempting to transfer, apply to graduate school, or participate in a study aboard or other experience. There may also be other reasons students require that information, such as application for a scholarship or clearance for employment purposes. 

Students may deliver those forms to our office to be completed or e-mail them to us at communitystandards@ohio.edu (during campus closure, please email forms). Please be sure to complete your section of the form in its entirety and sign it if required. We will need your written signature to complete the form. If the form is not signed, we may contact you to complete a release of information form. We will complete the form as quickly as possible, however it can take up to a week to complete them during peak periods, so please plan accordingly.

If you require a record check but do not have a form for us to complete, please complete our online form  to request that a letter be sent from our office.