Ohio University


SACM is dedicated to assisting our Division partners with large-scale communication strategy and marketing proposals, as well as brand direction assistance, for departmental priorities. All strategic projects taken on by SACM will follow best practices in communication and marketing.

Initiate a Strategy Project

If you’d like to initiate a strategy project with SACM, please ensure that your project meets the following criteria:

  1. The project has been identified by VPSA as a Division priority
  2. The timeline allows 10–16 weeks for research and data collection

If the project meets these criteria, please reach out to SACM with the following information:

  1. A brief overview of the desired initiative
  2. A brief outline of the projected timeline
  3. An indication of the desired audience
  4. Comprehension and awareness goals for the desired audience
  5. An overview of existing materials and efforts (if not previously completed by SACM)

These pieces of information will be essential prior to a strategy discovery meeting. At the time of the meeting, please be prepared to discuss the initiative, the intended audience, and the desired outcomes of the strategy at length.