Ohio University

Accessibility Accommodations

Ohio University is dedicated to the safety and comfort of our guests during commencement exercises. 

Limited Mobility Parking

Lot 128 surrounding the Convocation Center will be reserved for vehicles with a state issued disability parking placard only. Vehicles without a state–issued handicap permit displayed will not be permitted to park in this lot. Individuals without a valid state issued placard that need additional assistance may be dropped off at the limited mobility drop-off area and the driver will then be directed to surrounding lots. Volunteers will be on site prior to Commencement to provide assistance and direction. For your convenience, a parking map is provided below. 

Parking Map

Limited Mobility Seating 

Designated seating areas are located within the Convocation Center for those with limited mobility. To maximize our ability to accommodate as many individuals as possible, only one guest will be permitted to accompany an individual in the limited mobility seating area. All seating, including limited mobility seating, is available on a first come, first served basis and cannot be reserved or guaranteed. 


Wheelchair Seating

Personal wheelchairs must be stored at the wheelchair check-in location in the front lobby. Individuals will be issued a claim check to retrieve their wheelchairs at any point during or after the ceremony. Individuals who use a wheelchair and are unable to transfer to other seating can be directed to wheelchair stations throughout the Convocation Center and can be accompanied by one individual. All seating, including wheelchair seating, is available on a first come, first served basis and cannot be reserved or guaranteed.

Wheelchair Assistance

Event Services staff will be available in the limited mobility parking drop off area in the front of the Convocation Center to assist guests who may require temporary wheelchair assistance to enter the building. Event Services is unable to provide a wheelchair to be used for the duration of the ceremony. Staff will also be available near the seating areas to assist guests at any point during or after the ceremony to exit the building. Event Services staff is able to bring guests to the parking lots surrounding the Convocation Center only. To assist as many guests as possible, staff are not allowed to cross Richland or Shafer Streets. Please note that this is a limited service and is available on a first come, first served basis and cannot be reserved or guaranteed.

Single User Restroom

To access the Single User restroom in the Convocation Center, take the elevator to the arena floor level of the building. Take a left out of the elevator and follow the path until you reach signage for the “Single User” restroom, which will be located on your left. There are two Single User restrooms on the arena floor level, both are on the left side of the elevator. Please note that these restrooms do not have a changing table, however, they are large enough to accommodate a family.

Single User Restroom Map for the Convocation Center; Single user restrooms are located on the lower concourse, near sections 123 and 129

Accessible Restrooms

All restrooms on the concourse level are accessible. Please note that the last stall in each restroom is accessible and it is also the location of the changing table. For those families who require a family restroom, please see the Single User Restroom information above.

Communication Access 

A sign language interpreter will be located on stage and directed to sign to those sitting in section 101. The first few rows in this section will be reserved for those who are deaf and hard of hearing. Additionally, hearing assisted devices are available for a complimentary rental with an ID or Credit Card. The hearing assisted devices are located in the front lobby of the Convocation Center and can be used with or without hearing aids or a cochlear implant. All seating, including reserved seating for the deaf and hard of hearing, and the hearing assisted devices are available on a first come, first served basis and cannot be reserved or guaranteed.