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Leadership Skill Development

Excel in your professional career by developing leadership skills. We emphasize eight leadership skills carefully selected based on research into the qualities of leaders across an array of fields. The skills are self-awareness, team development, problem solving, interpersonal development, adaptability, well-being, intercultural competency, and innovation. You can identify the best way to foster these skills in yourself and reach your full potential a variety of opportunities, including leadership coaching and the Ohio University Leadership Endorsement. Schedule with a coach using the Handshake platform. Visit our About Handshake page to learn more about the tool and how to log in the first time.



  • Recognize when a change is needed and adapt to the present environment
  • Persist through adversity to overcome challenges


  • Demonstrate the desire and willingness to develop new or creative ideas
  • Demonstrate comfort with risk taking to test ideas
  • Engage and challenge others by conveying need for dynamic change

Intercultural competency

  • Support an environment of cultural respect and inclusion
  • Engage in creating a culturally respectful and inclusive environment

Interpersonal communication

  • Effectively communicate verbally, non-verbally and in writing
  • Understand the role of relationship building skills: listening, empathy, honesty and integrity

Problem solving

  • Think critically about all factors associated with a problem
  • Evaluate potential solutions from a systems perspective and make an informed decision about which option to implement
  • Evaluate chosen solution’s effectiveness following implementation


  • Identify personal interests, skills, values, strengths and motivation
  • Incorporate self-knowledge into decision-making

Team development

  • Identify and work toward a team’s shared purpose
  • Develop the skills essential to effective teams: facilitation, collaboration, compromise, and conflict resolution


  • Identify positive choices that will result in achieving personal growth and fulfillment
  • Engage in meaningful experiences and relationships

Featured Resources

 Ohio University Leadership Endorsement

The Leadership Endorsement provides students at Ohio University with the opportunity to learn about leadership areas, build eight skills employers seek, reflect on personal growth, and prepare to articulate skill areas to employers and graduate or professional schools. Sometimes called soft or transferable skills, these are the skill sets that are useful in any workplace and are highly desired by employers. These types of skills are critical for success in all industries. Completing activities and reflections associated with skill areas requires analysis about experiences that developed personal skill areas. This program's combination of reflection and future thinking will help you analyze growth in a skill area and where you hope to grow while achieving your goals as a leader. Students are invited to complete the “Foundations of Leadership” program 100% online anytime by logging in with your OHIO credentials (same as your email login and password). 

NACE Top Skills Employers Seek

The National Association of Employers and Colleges releases this list annually of the most desirable skills from recent graduates.