Ohio University

CLDC invites faculty and staff to request assignments for spring courses

In an effort to support OHIO faculty and staff in providing opportunities for students to take action toward their career goals, the Career and Leadership Development Center (CLDC) invites faculty to request career and leadership skill-building assignments for the 2021 Spring Semester.

Jodi Pavol, CLDC associate director for partnerships, said, “Every semester, the CLDC partners with course instructors to build opportunities in their curriculum for students to engage with CLDC services, programs and events. We have the infrastructure to provide this unique 1:1 service to students, and to support faculty’s curricular goals by working with their students to set goals and take action related to their career and leadership development.”

Popular CLDC assignments include 30 minute career coaching sessions, mock interviews and completion of one of the CLDC’s Career and Leadership Training Programs. During the spring semester, all services and events will be available remotely, and the CLDC can work with instructors to build the programming into their course in a way that will be most accessible for students. The CLDC is also prepared to work with instructors to build the assignments into their syllabus, and to track and report completion of the assignments for ease of grading.

Greg Kremer, chair of the mechanical engineering department, shared his experience requiring coaching for mechanical engineering seniors stating, “The students in the mechanical engineering department have benefitted greatly from our partnership with the CLDC. After their experience with the CLDC most students are highly positive about the mock interviews and career coaching they complete as part of their senior colloquium, and admit that they probably would not have taken advantage of these services if not for the partnership. The CLDC has made it easy for us to provide meaningful career-related experiences that have helped our students adjust career plans and be more successful in getting the jobs that they desire.” Kremer has partnered with the CLDC to support his course for the past three semesters.

According to Sara White, assistant dean for student success in the College of Health Sciences and Professions, “Offering career coaching in our UC 1900 courses provides an early introduction to the tremendous resources and support the CLDC provides our students. Integrating career coaching into our courses supports our students' success by introducing them to the tools that support them for the entirety of their education. Incorporating career coaching into our Learning Communities has proven to be beneficial for any undecided student, a student changing from their original career plan, or a student considering multiple career paths. Collaborating with the CLDC has been rewarding. They listen to our goals, are supportive our students and deliver on programming and resources that support our vision. Collaborating with the CLDC has been a true partnership built on a shared vision of student success through career and leadership development resources."

Since the CLDC’s opening in 2012, more than 16,000 unique students have engaged with the CLDC. Ohio University alumna Maris Vick stated, “My professor introduced me to the office, where the environment immediately made me feel welcomed, but more importantly, valued as a new student. It only took one amazing experience for me to realize that soon enough I would call this office my greatest and most reliable resource on campus for the next four years.”

Course instructors interested in building a CLDC assignment into their course can fill out this request form. A CLDC staff member will follow up with all requestors upon completion of the form to provide suggestions for embedding the assignment into the course, provide resources for including the assignment in a syllabus, and work with instructors to create a plan for tracking assignment completion. For questions or more information, contact Pavol at pavol@ohio.edu.