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At the CLDC, we know that collaboration with faculty and staff is essential to our goal of engaging with students early, often and forever. Best practice in career development calls for infusing professional training into every aspect of a student’s education. It’s a daunting charge, but our office isn’t holding back in its efforts to fully integrate with OHIO’s colleges and support units. In order to do this, we rely on lasting partnerships—and we're always seeking innovative approaches to reaching students. 

“Our goal is to create long-lasting partnerships throughout the university,” said Jaunarajs. “Our hope moving forward is to institutionalize partnerships, weaving them into the fabric of the CLDC.”

To start exploring how the CLDC can best collaborate with you, fill out our Faculty Partner Form to share more about your goals.

Even if you’re not sure where to start or what your long-term goals are for a partnership, filling out this form is a great way to kick-start your engagement with the CLDC. Below you will see some common ways faculty and staff partner with our team.

Collaborate on Course Projects

Partner with the CLDC to support your course assignments. This collaboration could take many forms: require students to attend a CLDC event, participate in a leadership workshop, or incorporate an employer case study. Every faculty member’s interests are different and we want to work to customize this collaboration to your class goals. Complete our new Assignment Request Form to plan for your specific needs so we can provide the best level of support for you and your students. 

Assignment Request Form

Embed Career and Leadership in Courses

Supplement your course instruction or student training by using CLDC workshops, resources, and activities. We offer live workshops, pre-recorded content, and numerous lesson plans for use with your students.

Refer Students to the CLDC

Be an advocate for the CLDC by promoting our services and events to students and alumni.  Consider recommending career coaching, mock interviews, or leadership coaching as excellent one-on-one professional development opportunities. Topics often addressed in these meetings include: connecting career opportunities to specific majors, building self-awareness, perfecting written application materials, developing professional skills for effective interviewing, and using LinkedIn to research alumni career paths.

Host an Employer in Your Class

Facilitate connections between your students and employers by inviting an employer to visit your class. Consider hosting an employer in a class session, coordinating a site visit, or hosting a case study.