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The resources on this page are intended to complement your work with students. We invite you to include any of the tools or lessons into your work. 

Customization and Collaboration

We want to help you meet your goals for students’ career and leadership development. Please contact us to plan for your specific needs so we can provide the best level of support for you and your students. We invite faculty and staff to meet with us individually so we can collaboratively identify a menu of CLDC services, events, and workshops that best serve your students.


Create an account on Handshake (the CLDC’s scheduling, job and internship search, and event portal) to see what opportunities are available to students by visiting Handshake and following the instructions below:

  • Choose Log In and then the Student & Alumni option
  • When prompted to select a college, choose Ohio University. 
  • Complete the required fields and your responses will be sent to the CLDC

The CLDC reviews pending user requests and we follow up with each request by asking for some additional information via Qualtrics. Once this information is processed, an account request is approved.

Career Development Lesson Plans

Career Exploration Lesson

About: This lesson is relevant to students exploring major and career opportunities. Students learn how to search for internships and spend time reflecting about their interests and how they qualify for internships. Additionally, students will discover career paths associated with their major(s) of interest.  

Goals: Introduce students to career exploration information. Following this activity, students will be able to navigate job search websites, identify careers relevant to their major, and reflect on what they like about internships/jobs of interest. 

Materials: The lesson plan below details how to facilitate the activity, including how to utilize the PowerPoint, and the activity link within the session. The project requires that students conduct independent research about career paths and report their findings through the project. 

Experience Matters

About: This lesson explores the value of experiential learning and helps students consider strategies for gaining experience outside of the classroom. 

Goals: Engage students in thinking strategically about ways to gain experience prior to graduation. At the end of this activity, students will have a to do list to work toward gaining co-curricular experiences related to their academic goals, values, and career interests. 

Materials: The lesson plan below details how to facilitate the activity, including how to utilize the PowerPoint, and the activity link within the session. The checklist activity asks students to share experiential learning they have completed and to think about additional opportunities they hope to pursue in the future. Students will complete the activity during class time. 

Maximizing CLDC Events

About:  This lesson is flexible and can be tailored to any CLDC event. This flexibility allows you to identify which event is timely for students and also related to their career interests. You could use this lesson to have students attend an event during class time or have students attend an event outside of class and then use class time to reflect on the experience. If you would like to confirm student attendance at a required event, email the CLDC at careerandleadership@ohio.edu and share the event, the course you teach, and a roster of students.  Consider sharing the Career Closet resource with students so they have access to free professional clothing prior to the event.

Goals: Attend a career event and practice networking skills. Use Handshake to research employers. Develop a strategy for preparing for a career event. Reflect on experience following a career event. Identify a skill to work on to feel more prepared for the next career event. 

Materials: The lesson plan below details options for facilitating the event experience for students. To learn about all CLDC events and to see upcoming dates, visit our Programs and Events page.

Bobcat Network (formerly Bobcat Mentorship Network)

This lesson will be updated in summer 2020 to reflect branding changes and minor content-reorganization. 

About: This lesson provides students with the opportunity to explore career areas and network with professionals in a variety of industries using the Bobcat Network tool. The Bobcat Network is a new and easy-to-use platform where alumni, students, faculty, and staff engage in mentorship, networking, and professional development.

Goals: Create a profile on the Bobcat Network. Use the Bobcat Network to research industries and alumni career paths. Reflect on experience after using the Bobcat Network. Identify a short-term goal for personal Bobcat Network use to expand networking activity.

Materials: The lesson plan below details options for incorporating Bobcat Network into classroom or out-of-class activities. The PowerPoint shows how to create a profile, navigate the platform, and explores the value of networking and mentorship.

Values Sort Activity 

About: Use this activity to help students explore how values align with career options and decision-making. Your class will have the opportunity to identify values that are common to the group and also discuss differences.

Goals: At the end of this activity, students will identify their top values. Students will identify how top values reflect and shape career interests. Students will set a goal to further explore the role values play in their lives.


Skills Sort Activity

About: Use this activity to help students reflect on their top skills and the skills they enjoy using. Students will identify their top skills and explore how skills influence career decision-making. Your class will have the opportunity to identify skills that are common to the group and also discuss differences.

Goals: Students will identify their top skills and discuss how their top skills reflect career interests. At the end of the activity, students will develop one strategy to develop a skill they feel motivated to further refine.


Virtual Leadership Workshops

We transitioned our popular in-person workshops online to accommodate the leadership development needs of students, faculty and staff during Ohio University's transition to online learning during spring 2020. In-person workshop requests are suspended until further notice. For support using any of these materials, please contact us at careerandleadership@ohio.edu. No request process is necessary to use any of the content on this page with students individually or in a class or employment setting.

Keys to Networking Success

Keys to Networking Success Virtual Workshop Video 

Networking Connections Worksheet [Editable PDF] 

Elevator Pitch Worksheet [Editable PDF] 

Have you ever heard the saying, "It's not what you know; it's who you know"? Well, that is often true, but the statement should instead say, "It's not what you know; it's who you know, and what they know about you!"

This workshop will allow participants to reflect on their personal leadership brand and discuss how to leverage their individual leadership brands for professional networking. Participants will develop an elevator pitch and discuss how to utilize LinkedIn and informational interviews for networking success. Workshop takes approximately one hour to complete.

Creating the Perfect Resume and Cover Letter

Creating the Perfect Resume and Cover Letter Virtual Workshop Video

Treasure Chest Worksheet [Editable PDF]

JOB SKILLS. TRANSFERABLE SKILLS. ADAPTIVE SKILLS. Um, what? If you are not sure what these different skills are or how they relate to resume and cover letter, this workshop is a great fit for you. Sharpen your resume and cover letter knowledge by participating in this interactive workshop. Participants receive tips on the development of professional documents, learn how to personalize application materials to fit their unique style, and increase their understanding of the content that should (or should not) be included in a resume and cover letter. Workshop takes approximately one hour to complete online.

Job Search and Interviewing 

Job Search and Interviewing Virtual Workshop Video

Job Search and Interviewing Planning Worksheet [Editable PDF]

Job Search and Interviewing STAR Worksheet [Editable PDF]

Are you clueless about how to find a job or an internship? Do you feel anxious about the interview process? This workshop will help demystify the job search process and help prepare participants for the job interviews. Explore resources to create a job search plan, and get tips for before, during, and after the interview. Workshop takes approximately one hour to complete online.

Understanding Ethics and Values 

Understanding Ethics and Values Virtual Workshop Video

Values Sort Worksheet [Editable PDF]

Knowing how your values and ethics influence your actions is the key to self-awareness. By working in small groups and assessing personal values, participants delve into the gray areas of ethical leadership. Participants will learn the power of values in decision making and the ethics that drive multidimensional communities through facilitated discussion and interactive group activities. Workshop takes approximately one hour to complete online.

Understanding Emotional Intelligence 

Understanding Emotional Intelligence Virtual Workshop Video

Personal Competence Worksheet [Editable PDF]

Social Competence and Text Messaging Worksheet [Editable PDF]

Have you ever overreacted to a situation or hurt someone's feelings unintentionally? Emotional Intelligence is described as the ability, capacity and skill to identify, assess, and manage emotions in a given situation. During this workshop, participants will learn to contribute to groups in an emotionally intelligent way and become more self-aware through "pair-and-share" active listening activities. Workshop takes approximately one hour to complete online.

LinkedIn Workshop 

LinkedIn Virtual Workshop Video

Do you know how to effectively use LinkedIn? LinkedIn is often the first social media platform used by employers and recruiters to screen potential candidates. This workshop examines how to best use this platform to build your network, appear in numerous employer and recruiter searches, and translate past and current experiences into future job and transferrable skills. Workshop takes approximately one hour to complete online.

Ohio University Leadership Endorsement 

The Leadership Endorsement provides students at Ohio University with the opportunity to learn about leadership areas, build eight skills employers seek, reflect on personal growth, and prepare to articulate skill areas to employers and graduate or professional schools. Sometimes called soft or transferable skills, these are the skill sets that are useful in any workplace and are highly desired by employers. These types of skills are critical for success in all industries. Completing activities and reflections associated with skill areas requires analysis about experiences that developed personal skill areas. This program's combination of reflection and future thinking will help you analyze growth in a skill area and where you hope to grow while achieving your goals as a leader.

To learn more about the Leadership Endorsement, please visit this page. This program was originally designed for student employees, but has been expanded to be accessible to all Ohio University students to provide virtual leadership development opportunities. For questions about this opportunity, email leadershipendorsement@ohio.edu.

Students are invited to complete the “Foundations of Leadership” program 100% online anytime. Click "Start Now" below and begin the experience by logging in with your Ohio University credentials.


Strengths Workshop

The CLDC's Strengths Workshop offers the opportunity for in-depth reflection of an individual's Top 5 Strengths. All participants of this workshop will complete the online StrengthsFinder assessment prior to the session and engage in dynamic activities to better understand how to leverage their natural talents and build upon their strengths. Participants will also learn to articulate their personal Top 5 Strengths, incorporate their strengths into goal setting and discover the unique strengths of other participants. Strengths is a 2-hour workshop with a fee of $20 per participant. The fee includes access to the online Strengths assessment and the customized workshop facilitation. To request a virtual Strengths facilitation, please email careerandleadership@ohio.edu at least two-weeks prior to your desired facilitate date.