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Bobcat Network

Bobcat Network

The Bobcat Network is a new and easy-to-use platform where alumni, students, faculty, and staff can engage in mentorship, networking, and professional development opportunities. Whether you are looking for a “flash” mentoring opportunity or something more in-depth and long-term, you can find it through the Bobcat Network. This inclusive and supportive environment is a place for students to seek guidance; for alumni, faculty, and staff to provide guidance and coach students in their professional development; and for all members to learn from and inspire one another in a professional setting.

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How it Works

There is no formal commitment when you join. You can browse the network or start with a “flash” mentoring conversation that only lasts 30 minutes. Mentorship can take many forms, and you never know when a conversation could turn into a lasting connection.

When you are ready for a formal mentoring relationship, navigate to the “Mentoring Program” section of the site.  

The Role of the Mentee

You will be responsible for initiating conversation. Set a regular check-in time to ensure you stay in touch. Think about your goals for each connection and set them in the system, so you and your mentor can work together to achieve them. Do not worry—we will provide some suggestions to help you out. Write down your questions for your mentor and think about what you would like to share about yourself.

The Role of the Mentor

Alumni become mentors for a variety of reasons. We have found one big reason is that it feels great to pay it forward and help members of the Bobcat family unlock their potential. There is also opportunity to learn from your mentee (or even find the next hire for your team). Lastly, mentors build leadership and coaching skills while working with mentees.

Mentor Expectations

Be open and honest with your mentee. Share your experiences and career journey, the highs and the lows. Support them in their pursuit of their goals and career even if they vary from your own. If you do not know the answer to a question, check the resources page and help guide your mentee to the answer. You are not expected to provide a job or internship to anyone.

Get Started

  1. Visit https://bobcatnetwork.ohio.edu/ and click “Join Now.” 
  2. Complete your profile (use your OHIO ID if you are a student or faculty/staff) 
  3. Explore the platform, join groups, customize your profile, and make connections