Ohio University

Our Team

Imants Jaunarajs Profile Picture
Imants Jaunarajs
Assistant Vice President & Executive Director of the Career and Leadership Development Center
Zach McGrain Profile Picture
Zach McGrain
Associate Director for Career Development Integration
Jodi Pavol Profile Picture
Jodi Pavol
Associate Director for Partnerships
Aaron Sturgill Profile Picture
Aaron Sturgill
Associate Director for Employer Relations
Lindsey Ward Profile Picture
Lindsey Ward
Associate Director for Leadership, Inclusion and Staff Training
Regina Warfel Profile Picture
Regina Warfel
Research and Assessment Analyst
Erin Morgenstern Profile Picture
Erin Morgenstern
Assistant Director for Leadership
Marcquis Parham Profile Picture
Marcquis Parham
Assistant Director for Patton College of Education
Kacey Schaum Profile Picture
Kacey Schaum
Assistant Director for College of Arts and Sciences
Tamika Williams Profile Picture
Tamika Williams
Assistant Director for Diversity and Inclusion
Megan Zech Profile Picture
Megan Zech
Assistant Director for the College of Health Sciences and Professions
Dori Branch Profile Picture
Dori Branch
Assistant Director for Mentorship Programming for the Ohio Alumni Association
Meg D'Angelo Profile Picture
Meg D'Angelo
Graduate Assistant
Christi Gang Profile Picture
Christi Gang
Recruiting Coordinator
Erin McAlhaney Profile Picture
Erin McAlhaney
Graduate Assistant for Special Projects
Marissa Owens Profile Picture
Marissa Owens
Graduate Assistant for Engagement and Student Events
Hannah Reckman Profile Picture
Hannah Reckman
Graduate Assistant for Career and Leadership Development for the College of Health Sciences and Professions
Dustin Saunier Profile Picture
Dustin Saunier
Business and Technology Manager
Fumiko Brinkmeier Profile Picture
Fumiko Hope Brinkmeier
Graduate Assistant for Career and Leadership Development
Nick Corrigan Profile Picture
Nick Corrigan
Graduate Assistant for Marketing and Communications
Faustina Mensah Profile Picture
Faustina Mensah
Graduate Assistant for Career and Leadership Outreach