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About Handshake


Ohio University uses Handshake, the leading career platform used by 500+ colleges and by more than 250,000 employers. We use Handshake for appointment scheduling, career events, and as a robust internship and job search tool.

Used by all Fortune 500 companies, Handshake allows you to discover and favorite jobs at top financial institutions, cutting edge tech firms, leading design and marketing agencies, nonprofits making the world a better place, and more. You can also receive personal recommendations based on your interests, skills, major, location preferences and search history.

How to Log In

Login at ohio.joinhandshake.com with your OHIO ID and password or request an account, if needed. Follow the steps below to set up a new account:

  • Choose Log In and then the Student & Alumni option
  • When prompted to select a college, choose Ohio University
  • Complete the required fields and your responses will be sent to the CLDC

The CLDC reviews pending user requests and we follow up with each request by asking for some additional information using a Qualtrics form. Once this information is processed, an account request is approved.

Log in To Handshake

Handshake Resources

Be sure to download Handshake Mobile (iOS) to discover jobs on the go and to stay on track with reminders for application deadlines and direct messages from employers. 

Finding a job can be daunting, but Handshake is here to help you take the first step towards building a great career and fulfilling your potential. Want to learn more? Read Handshake's guide for "Why You Need Handshake" [PDF] and "How to Find a Job on Handshake" [PDF].

Schedule Appointments through Handshake

Alumni can use Handshake to schedule appointments with the career and leadership team. Handshake is a modern career development platform, that connects you with employers, career events and one-on-one services. For extra guidance in scheduling an appointment, see Handshake's useful guide. 

CLDC offers one-on-one services Monday–Friday between 8am–5pm by phone or video call. Our individual services are career coaching, leadership coaching, and mock interviews. Drop-in services will resume during fall semester.

Appointment Cancellation

If you cannot come to an appointment, please cancel your appointment at least 24 hours prior to its start time through Handshake so someone else can schedule in this time slot. You can cancel and reschedule your appointment through your Handshake account.

Avoid Job Scams

Anytime a company is seeking a monetary transaction, this should be a red flag that this is a scam. Never deposit checks sent from a company or give personal information, such as bank accounts, to a company during the interview process. Emails from companies that ask you for money or want you to deposit checks before doing any work are scams.

If you receive a message similar to this, “We received your resume from your career services for a possible job placement. Please respond to this email if you are still job hunting or you are looking to earn additional income,” this could also be a scam.

If you receive any emails or paperwork from a company that may not seem legitimate please forward the information to the Career and Leadership Development Center.

To learn more, please refer to the World Privacy Forum's resources for avoiding job scams.