Boyd Scholars 2018-2019

diamond allen

Diamond Allen

My name is Diamond Allen and I am a Saint Martin De Porres graduate, number 7 in my class. During high school, I participated in cross country, Women's Circle, served as vice president in Jewels and Gents and lended a helping hand whenever I could. In my free time I enjoy dancing and professionally bowling in a league where I received many awards and scholarships that assisted me in continuing my higher education at Ohio University. Along with bowling, dancing and running, I also enjoy reading, writing and drawing in my free time. I really enjoy helping others because it could be something as small as holding the door for someone that brings me joy.

courtney archibald

Courtney Archibald

Hello! My name is Courtney Archibald. In my free time I love to play with my dog, Cleo, spend time with my friends and family, watch Netflix, do yoga, play sudoku or do other logic puzzles, and make many forms of art. My favorite color is purple, I’m fascinated by glitter and my favorite movie/book is The Great Gatsby. I love music, especially Taylor Swift, and I enjoy singing extremely loud in the car (no I cannot sing worth a hoot).

I am originally from Ravenswood, WV where I graduated from Ravenswood High School. During high school I was a majorette for the marching band, was on the varsity tennis team and was a part of the Quiz Bowl team. I also participated in the Inspire West Virginia and Youth Leadership Association club. I volunteer as a collegiate staff for the iBelieve Foundation, where I spent three weeks this past Summer (2018) working with high school students all across Appalachia on how to become role-models and leaders in their communities and schools.

Now, I am studying studio art with minors in screenwriting and digital storytelling and philosophy. I’m in the Official Astrology Club, National Society of Leadership and Success, and Student Senate. My work study is being an ambassador for the College of Fine Arts and it is the best job in the world!

College has given me an opportunity to become a strong and independent woman, and now that I am in the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program, I will have many opportunities to use that to my advantage. Athens is a wonderful place to take walks, get amazing coffee and to find your people. I am so excited for my future here, and I cannot wait to see what the next four years has in store for me and the other scholars!

Hayley brown

Hayley Brown

Hi, my name is Hayley! I am from the small town of Bellville, which is located about fifteen minutes outside of Mansfield or an hour north of Columbus, and I attended Clear Fork High School. I come from a family of five, my parents and my two younger brothers. I also have a dog named Woody and a rabbit name Beyoncé; she’s spoiled rotten. My parents are both educators for Clear Fork, I had my mom in fifth grade and my dad was my high school principal. You would think that would be weird but I loved it!

In high school, I was heavily involved with life. I lettered all four years in track and soccer, was in academic challenge, OCC leadership, NHS, Tri-M, history club, Buckeye Girls State, Bellville Fair Queen, marching band section leader and many others. My favorite aspect of high school was my FFA Chapter. I became a leader in the organization and learned to have a passion for agriculture. I was an officer for two years and president my senior year. With FFA, I traveled to Honduras and as far as Colorado! I led multiple state competition teams and was able to work with Ag Commodities, such as Ohio Corn and Wheat!

With the previous experiences in high school, I have been fortunate enough to find my passions in life! I am a double major with International Business and Management/Strategic Leadership. I hope to minor in Spanish and earn a certificate in Human Resources. I love to travel and I love to meet people! I know that OU was the best choice for me and will help me achieve this goal. When I heard about the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program, I knew they would be a good fit for me and help me grow as an individual. Plus, it’s all women and I have never been apart of a strong women’s group! I can’t wait to grow here with the MBSP and OU!

If you’re looking for an adventure buddy, bad dad jokes, or a movie enthusiast, my email is!

zoe chase

Zoe Chase

Hello! My name is Zoe Chase. I was born in Akron, Ohio, but I have lived in Athens most of my life so I definitely consider myself a townie. I am a middle child, with two older siblings and three younger ones. My family is an incredibly important part of my life, and I love being able to stay close to them while attending OU. In my free time I enjoy listening to true crime podcasts, reading, and writing. I was on my high school’s tennis team and I still enjoy playing. I also love hiking, which is awesome since Athens has so many great places to do so.

My first semester here at OU I was a biological sciences major; however, I am in the process of switching to psychology. I’ve always been interested in the mind and human behavior so I’m excited to be going down this path. I also plan on minoring in Spanish, and I would eventually like to study abroad in South America. Being a part of the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program is such an exciting opportunity, and I am thrilled to be a part of such a great cohort of women. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

savannah copeland

Savannah Copeland

Hello! My name is Savannah Copeland. I come from Urbana, Ohio, home of the world’s largest loaf of bread (Whether or not that is an official ruling, I really couldn’t tell you). It’s also the hometown of the voice of Mr. Krabs, Clancy Brown! Just a couple of fun tidbits to help you get to know what I see as the wildest little town in Ohio. When I’m not in Athens, I live in Urb city with my wonderful, amazing, brilliant mother Debra, who must be protected at all costs. I graduated Cum Laude at Urbana High School but, more importantly, my senior superlative was “Class Clown.” That’s pretty much everything that happened in high school, so I’m moving on.

I am an integrated media student here at Ohio University with the Scripps School of Communications and I could not be happier doing what I am doing. I am currently in Friday’s Live and The Evening Show (Please join them they are so fun!) where I am on cast and a writer. I am extremely compassionate about television, movies, and comedy, and plan to become a screenwriter/director someday. My absolute dream job is to be a writer for Saturday Night Live and I hope to live up to the goddesses of SNL, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, my personal heroes.

I have always enjoyed making people laugh and comedy is definitely my strong suit. My overall goal in life is to just be doing something where I am happy and I can entertain people, no matter the money I make or whether or not everyone approves. In the words of the all-powerful First Female Head Writer of Saturday Night Live, Tina Fey, “Do your thing and don’t care if they like it.”

The Margaret Boyd Scholars Program is one of the best things that has happened to me since coming to Ohio University and I plan on doing everything in my power to make them proud, as I could not be prouder of this club and the message it sends to women - that we can do whatever we want to do no matter what anyone tells us.

Feel free to contact me at or

alexis cradlebaugh

Alexis Cradlebaugh

Hello, my name is Alexis Cradlebaugh and I would first like to prelude this introduction to who I am by acknowledging just how thankful I am to be a part of this program. I am ecstatic to work alongside so many powerful, intelligent women who support each other in their endeavors. It is an honor to be learning from the many prestigious advisory board members and instructors who are a part of the program. I am truly blessed to be welcomed into such a hard working and academically inclined group of female learners and leaders.

I became enamored by Ohio University the moment my gaze met the Appalachian landscape surrounding Athens. I love the heritage that the University cherishes and the legacy that its students and faculty carry. When I met the instructors of Scripps College of Communication I instantly felt at ease. All of the instructors are incredibly approachable and extremely knowledgeable. I am so thankful that I chose to extend my knowledge here at Ohio University.

I am from a small village outside of Dayton called Germantown, Ohio. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to attend a career and technology center for my last two years of high school. There, I was able to get a head start in my profession of Visual Communication. I am currently on the Interactive/Multimedia track in the School of Visual Communication with hopes of double majoring with a degree from the School of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. Being a creative, I find myself craving diverse interests to draw inspiration from. I love to read and believe that true knowledge comes from books. I enjoy nature and all that comes of it. I find comfort in the sounds and feelings that music provides. I think it’s important to step out of my comfort zone and become immersed in things that make me scared. Being a vegan, I am also very compassionate toward the earth and the animals that live upon it. I have an extreme passion for reducing my waste and spreading that message.

I hope to positively impact the fellow members of my cohort and those outside of this program. I am so thrilled to learn from the many women who contribute to this program as well and I can’t wait to learn from my experience as a Margaret Boyd Scholar.

katie gold

Katie Gold

Hello! My name is Katie Gold! I am from the small town of Granville, Ohio which is just outside of Columbus. I am a communication studies major, I plan on double minoring in political science and journalism, and I hope to get the Political Communication Certificate. Both of my parents are journalists who graduated from THE Ohio State University, but I broke the tradition and decided my home would be here in Athens, which has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My parents have come to love OU as much as I do and this change of heart has made my basement, (which is unapologetically scarlet and gray, and covered in OSU memorabilia), have a bit more green and white. I am also the oldest of two, and have two golden retrievers.

Since 2016, I have practically thrown myself into the political world and decided that I want to have some kind of impact on the world. In the past five years I have gone from not being interested at all in politics and stuck in my parents views, to a young adult who really loves political satire and reads the news more than your average elderly person. I also really love talking to people, like I will talk your ear off if you seem interested. On campus I have joined the Speech and Debate team, as well as OU College Democrats, ACLU and POCO.

However, music has been my refuge for years. Through middle and high school I was involved in basically every choir I could be. I also self-taught myself guitar, ukulele, and piano. Theater is also a long-time love of mine, which I very much miss being a part of. So, if you need a solid Spotify playlist, I’m your gal. You can catch me around campus (or in Donkey) listening to music and singing to myself.

I am so looking forward to these next four years in this program and meeting so many wonderful people! Feel free to reach out to me, I am always looking for new friends (especially those who are as caffeine dependent as I am).

kait hall

Kait Hall

Hi, my name is Kait Hall, and I am a History major in the class of 2022. I am on the pre-law track, hoping to eventually go to law school. I am very excited to be part of the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program, as well as immensely honored to have been considered and chosen as a member.

I grew up in Salem, Ohio, and went to Salem High School. However, I moved to North Bloomfield after my senior year of high school and gained 3 dogs along the way (bringing the number of dogs up to 4, which is awesome).

Throughout my adolescence, I have learned the value of service and leadership, which are areas that I aim to pursue throughout not only my time at OU, but my entire life as well.

As the youngest of four siblings and the only girl, I have developed the need to challenge myself. This need has caused me to take a rigorous course schedule, to enlist in various scholar and honor programs and to join the women’s rugby team here at OU.

I believe that in order to prosper, one must make themselves participate in activities that make them uncomfortable, as that is how one grows. Ultimately, my goal in life is to develop myself as a person to the fullest extent of my potential. I hope that my time here in this program and at OU will allow me to make strides toward reaching my potential.

If you would like to contact me with any questions about the program, OU, or just need a friend, my email is and I may or may not check it compulsively.

yasmine kayali

Yasmine Kayali

Hello, my name is Yasmine Kayali.

I am from Shaker Heights, a suburb on the east side of Cleveland. I am majoring in Health Services Administration here at Ohio University. I hope to get a masters in healthcare management after I graduate and work for a nonprofit healthcare organization.

Before coming to OU I went to Shaker Heights High School. My favorite subject was German and by my junior year I studied abroad in Goslar, Germany for six months. I would love to continue studying German in college and even aim for a German minor.

This past summer I taught at a summer program for middle school aged girls from East Cleveland, inspiring me to apply for this scholars program. In the summer of 2019 I am excited to visit Germany again to watch my old classmates graduate!

Growing up I lived with my parents and sister who is currently a senior at Pomona College in California. My mom was born in Long Island, New York and my dad was born in Tripoli, Libya.

Outside of school I enjoy playing tennis, watching documentaries, and reading fiction. This winter break of freshman year I have started The Count of Monte Cristo.

Within my first semester I have joined the ACLU on campus; however, I am most excited to be a part of the Margaret Boyd Scholars Class of 2022. I look forward to spending my college career with this program and cohort of women. My contact information is:

ashley keller

Ashley Keller

My name is Ashley Keller. I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. Even though I grew up around a family of die-hard buckeye fans that bleed scarlet and gray I chose to become a bobcat along with my sister. I have two siblings, one older sister and one younger brother. After a few trips down to Athens to visit my sister I fell in love with the beauty and the brick. I am currently studying as a biological sciences major on a pre-professional track. If I’m not in class you can often find me at Donkey Coffee or in one of the many floors of Alden studying! I chose to pursue a medical career because the logistics of the body fascinates me, but also, working in a hospital can give me the opportunity to help others in ways I couldn’t otherwise.

Outside of biology I love learning about other religions and cultures. This curiosity started once I began my exchange year in Indonesia. I spent the entirety of my senior year living and going to public high school in Medan, Indonesia. I lived with a Muslim host family and spent the year becoming part of their family and learning the ins and outs of their culture and home. They showed me the depth and diversity of Indonesian cultures and how it intertwines with religion sparking my want to explore that of other countries. I hope to find a way to combine these interests in the future!

I am so excited to be a part of the Margaret Boyd Scholars program, and I look forward to meeting all the people who are a part of it. Feel free to contact me at

brooke klopfenstein

Brooke Klopfenstein

Hello! My name is Brooke Klopfenstein, and I am majoring in Biological Sciences with a pre-medicine focus and hope to earn a certificate in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality studies. I was born and raised in Troy, Ohio, about 30 minutes north of Dayton, with my loving and encouraging parents, two younger brothers and the most adorable black lab you’ve ever met. The transition from my small hometown to Ohio University was a difficult one, as the oldest child coming from such a close-knit family and community, but soon proved to be one of the best decisions I had ever made.

I have always been very creative, curious, and ambitious, leading to my passions and hobbies of helping others and volunteer work, running and sports, and art and music, especially singing. Through each of these I have made so many great friends and memories that have led me to my career path and what I typically do in my free time.

maddie mcnamara

Maddie Mcnamara

Hi! My name is Maddie McNamara, and I am super excited to be a part of this year’s cohort of Margaret Boyd Scholars. I’m an adventurer, skier, dog lover, reality tv enthusiast and team player, and I can’t wait to spend these next years of my college career growing as a woman and a leader.

I was born and raised in the small town of Clarion, Pennsylvania (you may have heard of it if you are familiar with the local college, Clarion University, or the giant cow statue beside one of our busiest roads). I graduated last year from Clarion High School where I was active in theater, student government, the robotics team and the volleyball team. The years I spent in my small town and at my small school greatly influenced who I’ve decided to be in college because I’ve learned I don’t have to define myself by one interest. I always love trying new and different things.

Here at Ohio, I’m studying engineering in the Russ College of Engineering and Technology. I’m part of the small percentage of the population that actually enjoys math. There’s nothing quite like the rush you get when solving a difficult problem, and yes, I’ve embraced the fact that I’m a nerd. I also have a love for theater, and I hope to one day combine by passion for problem solving with my love of stage productions into a career. That is, if my full proof plan to go on “Survivor,” win, and spend my million dollars on world travel doesn’t work out.

If you would like to contact me, feel free to email!

paige miller

Paige Miller

Hello! My name is Paige Miller, and I am so excited to be a Margaret Boyd Scholar!

I must confess: the last time I was asked to “tell a little bit about myself” I nearly broke my mother’s coveted mixer. My ideas are often too eccentric for their own good, though a notebook and a pen can keep me entertained for days. My pursuit of storytelling has led me from a suburb of Philadelphia to the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism where I am pursuing a career in investigative reporting, data journalism and broadcast journalism.

If you couldn’t tell, writing has consumed most of my time, though I am also an amateur runner, an erratic shopper, a black cat lover and a passionate disability rights activist who never leaves home without a pair of headphones.

jada mitchell

Jada Mitchell

Hi, my name is Jada Mitchell and I’m from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My major is exercise physiology pre-physical therapy and I’m hoping to minor in psychology. With that, I intend to work in a rehabilitation facilitation or become a geriatric physical therapist, working in a nursing home or hospital. Another option is working in a VA’s hospital in the rehabilitation wing. I guess you could say I don’t have it all figured out, but that’s what college is for! My first semester at OU was life changing to say the least. I’ve gone on a journey of self-discovery, both academically and socially, and I am looking forward to the further development of my character during my time here at OU.

I first heard about MBSP while I was hanging out in my friend’s MOD, I saw the poster and googled what the program entailed and thought “hey, this is pretty cool.” It wasn’t until my LINKS mentor and OMSAR advisor emailed me, recommending I apply for the program, that I decided to go ahead and do it. I am hoping to network and attain life-long connections that will benefit me socially and professionally as I follow through with the MBSP. In the spring semester, I’m looking forward to using the gorgeous study/lounge area that I will finally have access to!

rory o'malley

Rory O'Malley

Hola y'all, I’m Rory and I’m an HTC Spanish major. Like many an ear of corn, I have lived my whole life in Athens, Ohio. I wouldn’t trade Athens for any town, anywhere. Growing up here has given me some of the best and most unforgettable friends and experiences I’ll ever have. This town has made me who I am and formed my outlook on the world. I’m not sure where I’d be without Athens…

I love traveling and being outside doing all kinds of things. I grew up biking, hiking, camping, skiing, swimming, you name it. My family is one of the most important things to me, and I love doing these fun outdoor things with them. I am a firm believer in balance, so naturally I enjoy lazing around too, whether it be reading or watching Netflix. Some of my favorite shows are: The Office, AHS, The L Word, Bojack Horseman, Star Trek and Breaking Bad.

At Ohio University, you can often find me at Spanish club meetings or singing in Women’s Ensemble concerts! I’m an open person who loves trying new things and discovering new places, and I can’t wait to see where the Margaret Boyd program takes me and my fellow scholars.

Over these coming four years I hope to grow in not only knowledge but also experience. I love talking and sharing ideas, so if anyone wants to chat, my email is!

Some more random facts about myself: my favorite color is forest green, I love weeping willow trees, my favorite food is the paneer my best friend’s mom cooks, I love shoes, and I’m passionate about equality for all.

Life is an adventure, and I’m having a blast. I can’t wait to see where I end up!

ellie palmer

Ellie Palmer

Hi! My name is Elise (Ellie) Palmer, and I am a music therapy major. Why music therapy, you ask? Well, it all began with my grandparents. I discovered music therapy shortly after both of my grandmothers – who were musicians and inspired my own musical interests – were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. I loved the healing and impactful use of music and how it can help people of all ages, genders, classes, cultures and musical ability levels. I knew right away that I wanted to be a music therapist and bring meaningful musical experiences into the lives of those who need it. My primary instrument is piano, which I began playing at age 8 (thanks to the musical influence of my grandparents). I have also picked up other instruments such as the clarinet, ukulele, guitar and organ. In addition to my music therapy studies, I am also pursuing minors in psychology and French.

I am originally from a small suburb of Columbus called Bexley, Ohio, where I lived with my mom, dad, sister, and two golden retrievers. I attended Bexley High School, where I played clarinet in the band and also played field hockey. I devoted almost 10 years of my life to field hockey and basically lived on the field. I’m also passionate about mission work. I have participated in service projects around Columbus and have served in mission trips around the country and in Guatemala. Service is something that has become an increasingly important part of my life. I was immersed into a service-oriented life by my family and church at a very young age and it has shaped and impacted me in countless ways. Some other fun facts: I’m a huge Star Wars fan, I love traveling, and I can’t shop at CVS without buying peach rings.

I am so incredibly thankful to be a part of the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program! It’s so wonderful to learn from and alongside all these remarkable women. I’m so excited to see what opportunities and experiences this program and Ohio University have in store.

For a college student, I’m surprisingly good at checking my email so don’t hesitate to contact me at if you would like to talk or have any questions!

ky rodriguez

Ky Rodriguez

Greetings! I’m Kyajah Rodriguez, Ky for short. I’m a freshman political science pre-law major from Columbus Ohio. I’m a recent graduate of Fort Hayes High School where I was a member of The Acting Ensemble, Student Activities Council, The Mock Trial Team and served as Treasurer for the Senior Class Student Council. Now at Ohio University, I am a Promise Scholar, member of my residence hall council and a Margaret Boyd Scholar. Outside of school, I am an officer in training for a statewide advocacy group of young adults who, like myself, have emancipated from the foster care system. We currently have a piece of legislation in the House designed to combat homelessness in emancipated teens. I’m very involved in political and environmental activism. As an activist, I have found my most prominent calling has been using my platforms to work toward remedying the conditions of impoverished and marginalized communities. In my free time I am a reader, painter, guitarist and published writer/poet.

Fun Facts:

  • I am the oldest of 7 siblings. The only girl who isn’t a twin.
  • My favorite gemstones are blue kyanite and red jasper.
  • My favorite movie genre is science fiction with horror undertones.
  • I own over 30 plants.

Feel free to contact me anytime for more information at

gcinile shongwe

Gcinile Shongwe

Sawubona , meaning “I see you” in isiZulu! My name is Gcinile Shongwe (no, the c isn’t silent). I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa as the youngest of three. In South Africa all names have meanings. Gcinile means “the last one.” If you’re still confused about the sound the letters g and c create, most people call me “Ga-nee-lay," but I would love to teach you the correct pronunciation.

When I was eight years old, my family and I moved to Athens, Ohio. Athens was small and strange. I no longer had to wear a uniform to school (yay), but the closest mall was almost an hour away. Nevertheless, I became accustomed to calling petrol, gas, and omitting the letter u in words like color and favorite. I’m grateful to have attended an elementary school with students from other parts of the world as it allowed me to feel less out of place. Athens quickly became home.

I’m an International Business student in the College of Business Honors Program and Dance major. The combination of the two welcomes a unique schedule filled with both lectures and movement classes. In the future, I hope to explore marketing and ways I can contribute to the business world. My passion for dance can be traced back to the age of 5 and continues to serve as a means of self-expression and uncovers feelings of ease.

While searching for student organizations to join, I was immediately drawn to OHIO Women in Business. Its goal to create a comfortable and encouraging environment while developing valuable skills and building confidence, which also resonates with the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program. I am appreciative of the two groups whose female members and mentors continue to inspire me and highlight the infinite capabilities women obtain.

I’m thrilled to be a part of the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program and look forward to the adventures ahead! Please don’t hesitate to contact me at .

cierra smith-carter

Cierra Smith-Carter

Hi there! My name is Cierra Smith-Carter and I am a first-generation student from Dayton, Ohio. I am currently a sociology-criminology major with hopes of being accepted into the communications program as well. I am so excited and honored to have been accepted as a Margaret Boyd Scholar. It’s such a wonderful program and gives strong young women the opportunities they may not have otherwise.

My passion lies in justice for the underrepresented and overly oppressed people in our society, ranging from those in poverty to lgbtq+ to all people of color, taking into account all of the intersections of marginalization. I want to go into the advocacy field, possibly even law, working to fix institutionalized oppression in the American justice system. I’m relatively unapologetic, but also know when to fight my battles. I try not carry the world on my shoulders.

Beyond being pretty ruthless with my goals of social equality and trying my best to be a good influence on my little brother, I love to write and support art in all of its forms. I performed spoken word poetry in high school and would love to get back into it if i could ever find the time. Writing my thoughts onto paper is so relieving, being able to lay it all out there in phrases only you can truly understand. The mind is a powerful and beautiful thing that, when given the opportunity, can flourish.

I credit everything in my life to my mother, the absolute strongest woman to walk this planet. She’s pushed me to strive for the best, never settle for less, and somehow, I think I may get there one day.

allison white

Allison White

Hi, my name is Allison White! I grew up in a little town called North Ridgeville but spent my adolescence’s in another town call Olmsted Falls, both are near Cleveland, Ohio. I am currently studying physics here at Ohio University. Physics was never something I imagined I would be studying, in fact, ever since I was a child I dreamed of studying zoology and working in conservation for endangered species. One day I started wondering about the world and the universe around us and became fascinated by what surrounded us and decided I would take that curiosity and study physics.

Many people would consider me a rather non-traditional student. I graduated high school in 2015 and now, in 2018, I decided that I needed to pursue a higher education. During those years I toyed with the idea of going to school for zoology, but I was simply too scared to leave everything I had behind. Once I found my love for physics I decided I could not sit around and not know, I needed to know and I needed to pursue this, so I did!

At the end of my high school education I decided that I would join the Army National Guard! I have been in the National Guard for three years now, joining the Guard was one of the best decisions in my life. I have learned so much in my time with the Guard.

Another important thing to me is family. On breaks or time off you can usually find me with my family. I am the oldest sibling of eight, our ages range from 6 years old up to me at 21 years old. It’s a very interesting dynamic and always keeps me on my toes! While I have so many siblings, the only sibling who is fully related to is my sister. Me and my sister are very close in age and now that we are older have become very close to each other! My family is incredibly important to me and I am truly greatly for the family I have!

I am incredibly grateful to have been chosen to be a part of the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program and equally as grateful to be attending school at Ohio University. I look forward to seeing what is in store for me in these next few years!