Boyd Scholars 2015-2016

Al-Harthy Ansam

Al-Harthy Ansam

Hi! My name is Ansam Al Harthy. I am from Oman. I have one of the most amazing parents in the world, Jamila and Sulaiman, and 2, publicly good, secretly annoying, siblings.

I am a Geography major. I am interested in agriculture and the food system. I would like to study more about the impact of food system in countries, especially the tropical and sub-tropical countries, and how it shapes their agricultural practices and influences their economy or whatever my academic life discoveries take me.

Remember to always challenge the mind.

I love being a Margaret Boyd Scholar and being around one of the most supportive, inspiring and amazing scholars and faculty. A great community to be a part of! I want to be an example of how someone can achieve academically regardless of his or her challenges. A true warrior for knowledge and education. I am a believer in good and accessible education for all. It is essential for our growth.

I love reading books, especially Paulo Coelho’s books. There is always time to talk about Paulo Coelho! I like engaging in conversations that are aimed to create a better understanding or discovering something new. (You have no idea how excited I get!) I love watching Batman movies and the animated series, as well as, Transformers!

If you have a great academic opportunity or an event or just want to talk about life and know why Batman is the best, here is my email

elisa bergmeier

Elisa Bergmeier

Walking in to my house one of the first things you will see is my fireplace, on the fireplace mantel you will see all of my Lego architecture creatures from through the years. I may be in college now, but my mom still keeps them up. These Lego creations were some of my first indications that I would be an engineer. Later on when I moved on from Legos I would spend hours in the woodshop classes in High School. I knew that I wanted to continue to build things so I decided to pursue a mechanical engineering degree here at Ohio University.

Not only am I a female in mechanical engineering but I also am a dance minor. I have been dancing since the age of 2 and have never let it go. Everyone thinks that dance and engineering are totally unrelated, they may be right, but I see the physics and science in dance. I think it is amazing how two things that are very different on the outside have many points of overlap. Dance has always been a part of my life and for that reason I don’t think I could ever let it go, it is my exercise, it is my relaxation, it is my time to think about the day but also a time for me to express myself.

I am also an avid traveler! I lived in Germany with my parents while they were on sabbatical for six months in Leipzig Germany. I have loved and craved traveling ever since. I also love to travel to National Parks and my current goal is to visit every US national park. These are just some of the few things that make me, me.

brie boothby

Brie Boothby

Hi everyone! I’m Gabrielle Boothby, but please call me Brie.

I’m a Visual Communications/ Journalism News & Information major, with a minor in Marketing.  I am passionate about ice cream, sports, taking pictures, movies, puppies, First Ladies, making friends, and traveling.

I currently reside from Fredericksburg, Virginia, although I have lived in several different places over the years. My dad, Allen, is a retired Marine, so I moved from military base to military base when I was younger. My awesome mom, Kelly, is an elementary school teacher. Sophie, my younger (though much taller) sister, is a senior in high school who will be joining me here at Ohio University next year to play field hockey.

I attended Riverbend High School where I was extremely involved in DECA, Debate, Student Council, Student Newspaper, and FBLA. I played varsity and travel field hockey all throughout school until I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury my junior and senior year. Following that was two really long and hard years of physical, occupational, and speech therapy to get me healthy and back to normal. But everything happens for a reason, right? As a result of my TBI’s, I started my own local non-profit called “Concussion Discussion Fredericksburg” for other student athletes dealing with concussions and to raise awareness, and began blogging for an international non-profit called Safe Kids Worldwide. Through this I have been featured on NBC’s Today Show, and have spoken at sports safety conferences.

Anyways, all of that brought me 500 miles here to the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, and I couldn’t be happier! On campus, I am involved in Alpha Delta Pi, Ohio Tour Guides, the OMSAR office, WOUB, and YoungLife. I am thrilled to be joining this year’s cohort of Maggie B’s, and can’t wait for the rest of my time here.

I love making new friends, so please feel free to contact me at

ana bucki-lopez

Ana Bucki-Lopez

Identity is one of the most difficult subjects for me because until now, some of the most important, life-shaping factors of my life have been completely out of my control. My life began in Sao Paulo, Brazil, until a year later my family whisked me halfway around the world to Belgium where I spent the next odd years traveling around Europe and getting prime British education. During this time I wasn’t quite old enough to truly appreciate the wealth of education I was receiving by being exposed to such an abundant amount of ancient classical culture and I never quite understood the importance of traveling and I must have even taken it for granted, to the point that an airplane ride or an eight hour car ride to a neighboring country was mundane. Of course there were language barriers among other challenges, but nothing I wouldn’t think of as an advantage now.

When my father’s job moved us yet again on another thirteen or so hour plane ride across the globe to the wide open bayous of Slidell, Louisiana I’d be lying if I said it was a smooth and easy transition. It wasn’t. In any way, shape, or form. I was introduced to a completely different form of culture and I hate to admit it but at eight or nine years of age the last thing you want to do is stand out. So inevitably I tried to fit in which led to an even more awkward pre-teen phase than most young Americans already have to face. Until then I had never felt different, I knew my family came from a diverse background but the school I attended in Belgium was a mix of children whose only common ground was the English language, and yet I suddenly found myself in an environment of high pony-tails, giant obnoxious bows and the world of cheerleading.

As much as I disregard the time I spent struggling to fit in in the unforgiving society that is middle school I have to be grateful for the influence this has had on my life. My family eventually moved again to the less rural city of Cincinnati, Ohio where I graduated from a dainty small high school where I once again was able to appreciate my education slightly more. It took me probably longer than it should have to become who I am now but I feel as though I am more flexible and able to find some form of blessing in my surroundings and I wouldn’t change a single aspect of my past. But now it’s my turn to take control of my life and take advantage of the opportunity that presents itself. I know I want to continue my parent’s legacy and travel as much as I can while learning about myself and the world around me. I am currently continuing my adventure of a life majoring in Mechanical Engineering and am overjoyed to be a part of the Margaret Boyd Scholars.

kt bugenstein

KT Bugenstein

I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and am incredibly happy to now be studying in Athens. I am a Media Arts and Studies student pursuing a career in screenwriting. I am a produced playwright and published poet. I love comics, television, video games, and movies. I enjoy knitting, reading, and making art. I try to keep active by spending time with friends and being involved in student organizations. I am so honored to be part of the Boyd Scholars!

megan clum

Megan Clum

Hello! My name is Megan Clum, and I am a mechanical engineering major here at Ohio University.  I am from Thornville, Ohio, which is completely irrelevant because no one ever knows where that is.  Just know that I grew up basically in the middle of a corn field, with the nearest mall about 45 minutes away.  My father is an electrical engineer and my mother is the human resources manager at Fairfield Medical Center in Lancaster.  My younger sister, Melanie, is a sophomore in high school and a varsity softball player with mad skills.  I attended Sheridan High School, where I graduated last year as valedictorian and prom queen.  From age 8 to 18, I was a gymnast at All Starz Gymnastics.  My teammates and coaches became family to me, so not being able to see them very often is really difficult sometimes.  

The short time I have had at OU has been incredible and full of unexpected learning experiences, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I can already tell how much I will miss this place after I graduate.  After I obtain my mechanical engineering degree, I hope to get my master’s in either aerospace or biomedical engineering.  My dream job would be to work for NASA, but I am also very interested in tissue engineering and biotechnology, so I am not quite sure yet which path I will end up taking.  For now I am more than happy to be an engineering student, and I hope to be an advocate for women in mechanical engineering, because we are by far the minority in our field.

To close, I will tell you a few fun facts about myself that have absolutely no correlation, but make up a little of who I am.  The first dog I had was the same age as me and lived to be 18; he was a West Highland white terrier named Rudy (after the Notre Dame Football player), and I liked him more than I like most people.  I’ve never been able to burp - I just don’t know how.  I’ve been playing the piano since I was 12.  I have Duane’s Syndrome, which isn’t a very serious thing, I just can’t move my left eye because the muscles in it don’t work.  It’s actually kind of cool because I can look two different ways at the same time (and because it freaks people out sometimes). 

I am elated to be a part of the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program, and have already had such a great time getting to know so many wonderful women.  I can’t wait to see where I am headed next!

Camia benencia courreges

Camila Benencia Courreges

So just a general disclaimer, I'm only used to writing theatre bios which are always in third person so this bio might be a bit rocky... Anyway, my name is Camila Benencia Courreges (I know, it’s a long wordy name) and as you might be able to tell from the previous sentence, I am a theatre major. Right now I am hoping to earn a BFA in Theatre Production Design and Technology, but I am considering doing two BFAs and going into Performance as well! Even though theatre comes with a huge workload, I am also going to at least pursue a minor in Spanish, maybe more. That's enough about my school aspirations though, let's talk about my life.

I currently live in Athens, Ohio and have lived here for the past eight years of my life (I am a tried and true townie). However before I lived in Athens I lived in Philadelphia for six years, and even before that I lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I was actually born in Buenos Aires and lived there until I was four, hence the interest in earning at least a minor in Spanish. All of my family lives in Argentina as both my parents were born and raised there so, with the exception of my family, everyone calls Argentina their home.

I have one sister and two brothers whom I love very dearly. One of my brothers, Martin (pronounced Marteen), was also born in Buenos Aires however he was only one year old when we moved to Philly to follow a job offer my dad had received. My other two siblings, Lourdes (its French, everyone has trouble saying it...) and Nicolas (pronounced Neecolas) were both born in a hospital in Philadelphia. We later moved here to Athens; once again to follow a job offer for my dad, this time from Ohio University.

I think of myself as a slightly neurotic yet interesting person. I know I have many weird quirks and am stuck in the past saying things like “kk” and “awesome sauce” but those are just things that make me, me. I love almost every kind of music except for rap and heavy metal, but I especially love folk music and Broadway show tunes. I am definitely still a kid at heart and continue to watch shows like Young Justice and Ben 10 because I have not grown out of that phase of my life yet. I also love debating and intellectually arguing with people because I like to see other people’s points of view and I like to share my point of view with others.

Even though I have lived in Athens for a long time, I am still completely in love with the town and so grateful to be going to Ohio University. I am also grateful to be part of the Margaret Boyd Scholars (I know, cheesy transition) because these girls are like the sisters I never had but always wanted. Each one of them is so amazing and has so much to share with the world. It’s an incredible feeling to be in this group working towards equality, empowerment, and working to make Ohio University a better place. I could not be more excited to spend the rest of my years at the university in this program and with these girls!

karli davis

Karli Davis

My name is Karli Davis and I am a Sociology major here at Ohio University. I was born and raised by my wonderful family in this beautiful town of Athens, and am so thrilled to finally be attending the university I had always admired from afar throughout my life. While I am unsure about what exact direction I want to go with my major, I love people; and being able to meet, learn about, and help them as a career would be an absolute dream come true for me.

Other passions of mine include photography and dance. From flowers to artsy food setups, I have loved taking pictures ever since I first learned how to work a camera. And as for dancing, I have been happily moving to my own beat for as long as I can remember. I also have an adoration for music, am an avid tea drinker, always appreciate a good slice of watermelon, have a love/hate relationship with running, and am certain the elephant is my spirit animal.

With all of that being said, words cannot describe how excited I am to learn and grow during my journey as a student and Margaret Boyd Scholar here at Ohio University.

elizabeth harper

Elizabeth Harper

Hello! My name is Elizabeth and I’m from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I happen to be completely obsessed with my hometown. I am an avid sports fan and history buff and basically just love everything there is to love about Pittsburgh (If you haven’t been, you should totally visit!).

I’m an avid reader and I love to learn. I have an interest in many topics, including writing, photography, psychology, and history. I like music and I play the flute.  I love all things Disney and Pixar. I also enjoy being outdoors and hiking, and I’ve been trained to be a Boy Scout climbing instructor.

I don’t know what my career will end up being at this point, but I want to be able to do something I love while helping other people. I also hope to have the chance to travel and experience lots of different cultures and places. It is extremely important to me that I take advantage of as many opportunities as possible and learn as much as I can in these next few years. Currently I am majoring in Communication Studies with plans to pursue a double major in English.

samirah harris

Samirah Harris

Who am I? I am Samirah Harris; a young, educated and ambitious, hopeless romantic with an exterior shell of a curvy Nubian princess. I currently reside in Ohio University’s tiniest 2- person shoe box on the edge campus. But prior to the start of my college education, I lived in a bungalow in the heart of Cleveland, Ohio. A product of the public school system; one that as seen to be in danger of falling but, in all actuality, is crawling with innovative and effective teachers and students that actually do want to learn. My childhood differed from those of my peers in grade school. I had both of my parents, who were educated and were, in fact, educators in their own right. One of the unique parts of my life was living in a dual religion household. I have learned to appreciate the beliefs of Christianity and Islam. I have two siblings, who are way more interesting than I am, and a niece who always gets mistaken for my daughter.

My education prior to college can be described as anything but ordinary. I’ve had some victories and I have taken some losses but they have all made me a more competent person and student. I have strong beliefs in ideas like racial and gender equality, people being able to freely live in their truth, and the purity of love and sanctity of marriage. I am passionate about sports and education. I believe that world has happy endings just like any good Hollywood movie, they are sometimes just lost within regular life. My opinions on different aspects of the world come from the way they are presented to me. I am a very intense listener. I am the friend that people come to with their problems because they know I will listen and respond accordingly. Even strangers find comfort in confiding in me.

My task at Ohio University is to complete two degrees; one in Sports Management and one in Middle Childhood Education, focusing on math and history. My dream goal is to become a middle school math or history teacher and a middle school athletic director. Combining my passion for sports and education will allow me to put the student back into the student athlete. Too often in our society, a student’s academic abilities take a back seat to their athletic talent. I decided on math as one of my specializations because, like Lindsey Lohan said in Mean Girls (my favorite movie), “math is the same in every country”. Math is a universal language that only some have the gift to understand and speak; so those who can, should teach. I decided on history as my other specialization because I believe that students entering school in this millennium don’t get enough opportunities to learn about where they came from, especially students that look like me. You can’t plan for the future without knowing something about the past.

So, that’s me in a nut shell. A Nubian city princess wanting young scholars to be student athletes and not athletic students. I am just trying to do my part in creating and preserving a better world for the millions of individuals to come. 

christine horting

Christine Horting

Hello!  My name is Christine Horting, and I am fabulous.  I grew up in the loving town of Herndon in northern Virginia until I began my studies at Ohio University.  Herndon is a very diverse community; this opened my mind to learning about others, their cultures, and their passions.  Since I love to brighten other people’s day and am usually found singing, I decided to combine these two loves by majoring in music therapy.  I am also pursuing a psychology minor and a writing certificate so that I can develop the skills that I will need in my future career.  I have been studying the piano and the trumpet for most of my life, and I like to geek out when I hear a good work of music.  I also love to read fascinating books about new ideas, and I am testing my ability to write fiction novels.  In my free time, I enjoy baking cookies and decorating cakes.  My goals are to learn as much as I can about the world and to give back as much as I can.  I am passionate about equal rights and am constantly trying to find ways that I can be more environmentally friendly.  I am excited to see where my future leads me!

julia lacomb

Julia LaComb

My name is Julia LaComb, a pre-law major and native Athens resident. I was the first born in my family and remained an only child until nearly the age of 15.  Though he changed so much in my world, my little brother is a blessing and an inspiration for me. In my home, we all look after each other. We all have extremely different interests, which helps me keep an open mind, but our common goal is always the well-being of our family.

Besides my love for my family, I also have an enormous love for music. I have been a member of many different choirs and have had the privilege of learning from many different directors. I feel as if choir has helped me grow as a young woman. I have been very fortunate to experience great musical talent and perform with some wonderful artists. I have met some of the most important people in my life through my experiences in music right here in Athens. Currently, I am a member of the Ohio Women's Ensemble, Choral Union and the a cappella group, Title IX under the direction Dr. Paul Mayhew. 
I am privileged to call OHIO my home. I cannot imagine having these opportunities and extraordinary relationships anywhere else; which is why I am ecstatic to be a part of the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program, to continue to form unbreakable bonds here at Ohio University.

darragh liakoa

Darragh Liaskoa

Hello! My name is Darragh Liaskos. I am a Media Arts and Studies major with a Music minor. Within the school of Media Arts and Studies I hope to focus in the areas of music production and social change. I am very passionate about music and social justice and change. That is why I have decided to dedicate my life to making music that can create a change in this world. 

I was born in Peekskill, New York, and lived there until I was about eleven. From there I moved to a little place called Amherst, Ohio. It is about a forty-five minute drive from Cleveland, Ohio. Both of my parents are European which has definitely shown me a different perspective of the world, and has helped me prepare for college. I have always said although I go to school in America, I go home to Europe. I am a first generation college student, which is something I take very seriously. My parents have sacrificed so much for me, and I truly owe them everything.

From the time I knew how to say the word until it was time for me to fill out the applications, I have had college on the brain. I have very high expectations for how I want my life to turn out, and I fully believe that without hard work and dedication you will get nowhere. When I found out I was accepted to be a Margaret Boyd Scholar I was thrilled! I know this program, with it's countless opportunities, will help me on my way to greatness.

When I am not running around from class to work to org meetings you can find me getting really excited about animals (mainly puppies), listening to all sorts of music (my favorite band is Twenty One Pilots) or watching some Netflix show I am currently obsessed with (right now it is Grey's Anatomy). I love to travel, and I cannot wait to study abroad. Oh! I almost forgot...something people should know if they really want to get to know me is that the Harry Potter World is something I hold very dear to my heart. I grew up wanting to be Hermione Granger, and I still do. My dorm is filled with Harry Potter merchandise, and I even brought all of my books with me. 

I absolutely love Ohio University, and have really come to call this place my home away from home. I cannot wait to take on all the amazing opportunities that this institution has to offer me. If you want to know more about me my email is

ellen michelich

Ellen Michelich

My name is Ellen Michelich and I was born and raised just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. I am currently undecided, but I plan to double major in International Business and Business Analytics, while hoping to fit in a minor in Geography.

I am a proud Sagittarius, dog-lover, and reader, patiently waiting for the the next Game of Thrones novel to be published. I constantly miss Sheila, my Great Dane mix, when I am gone. I have no plan on what to do with my majors, but I hope whatever career I end up in will take me all over the country and the world.

I am looking forward to the experiences I will have as a Margaret Boyd Scholar, and the positive impacts I can hopefully create in the world as a result of these experiences. As Gandalf said in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Fellowship of the Ring: “All we have to decide is what to do with the time given to us.” I hope to do good with my time.

nadia mulhall

Nadia Mulhall

My name is  Nadia, which means, “hope” in Slavic languages and “dewdrop” in Arabic. Although I am neither Slavic nor Arabic,  Nadia  seems to suit me well. I was born in Nagasaki Japan, where I spent the first year of my life. I grew up in Yellow Springs Ohio, a village of 3,526 residents that also houses the newly revived Antioch College. Growing up in Yellow Springs I spent a lot of time outside, making fairy houses, climbing trees, and walking in streams. I was raised with influences from many cultures: Baha’i/Iranian from being part of the Baha’i faith, Dutch from my mother’s family, and a bit of Japanese culture from the time my family lived there. All of these elements (and many more) have changed the way I approach the world. Creativity was encouraged from a young age by my parents and teachers, so I naturally developed a love of making things.  Paired with my very meticulous nature, I enjoy fine details, especially drawing and embroidering.  

I am majoring in Studio Art here at Ohio University, and am very very proud to be a Margaret Boyd Scholar.

madeleine peck

Madeleine Peck

Hi there! I’m used to writing up recaps of Student Senate meetings or stories about how a dorm on campus has fleas (no joke), but I’ll try my best.

My name is Madeleine Peck and I study journalism, news and information, here in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. When I’m not in class you can usually find me on the couch inThe Post newsroom eating fruit roll-ups and occasionally writing news articles. I decided to go into journalism after I realized I was too restless and curious to do the same thing day after day. I love getting to explore the world through the people I get to meet and share their stories with readers.

I originally hail from my beautiful, New England town: Newtown, Connecticut. I grew up there with my parents, Chad and Lori, and my two older sisters, Abigail and Sarah. We are now spread out all over the country but that just makes seeing each other that much more exciting and we have an iPhone group chat so who really needs face-to-face interaction (well, maybe).

Some of my favorite things include: 30 Rock, food, music by Beyoncé, the great outdoors, my family, my friends, food, laughter, and random acts of kindness.

“Be nice to each other. It's really all that matters." - Dawn Hochsprung

maggie riley

Maggie Riley

Hi, everyone! My name is Maggie Riley. I grew up in Akron, Ohio, where I attended Revere High School. During my time there, I kept myself busy through a plethora of activities including my high school’s sideline and competitive cheerleading teams, class council, National Honor Society, and working a few shifts a week at a frozen yogurt shop.

As I pondered the ever-important question of what I wanted to do with my life, it was honestly hard to pick because I felt that so many things are important and so many things are interesting. The subjects I enjoyed most were always art, math, and science, which I quickly realized is a somewhat odd combination. I decided that I wanted a career that was mostly math and science based, but also one that would allow me to tap into my creativity. After spending my first semester undecided within the Russ College of Engineering, I have been drawn  to pursue a degree in Chemical Engineering and later hope to focus on the Energy and the Environment track. With the world facing such daunting challenges in these areas, I’m excited to be on a path that will prepare me well to make a meaningful difference for the future of the planet and all those who call it home.

When I began my college search process, I honestly did not think that I would decide on Ohio University. But because six other family members are graduates from Ohio University, they encouraged me to look into it and dampened my enthusiasm. I wanted to be independent and blaze my own trail, but as my senior year went on and more and more puzzle pieces began to fit together, I decided that it would not make sense for me to go anywhere else. Since I have been here, I have met so many amazing people, and I realize that I would not have been happier at any other institution. I have joined many great organizations such as the Society of Women Engineers and my sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta. Later in my collegiate career, I hope to either participate in research or join a team that competes at engineering competitions.  The Margaret Boyd Scholars Program is the most recent piece to be added to the incredible puzzle of my college experience, and I could not be more excited about the opportunities this program presents and the people it will allow me to meet.

ami scherson

Ami Scherson

Hello, my name is Ami (like salami with out the  “sal”), Scherson! I am a freshman studying music with a focus in arts administration through the Honors Tutorial College. I am from the hometown of sports heartbreaks and wonderful art and food scenes -- Cleveland, Ohio. Ever since I was a child, music was engrained in my life. My father the keyboardist of his band in high school, as well as a well accomplished classical pianist, while my mother was a huge punker who played piano and bass guitar (which explains why I listened to the Dead Kennedys at a young age). Rather than pushing me to pick up an instrument, it just happened. When I was five, I started to play the piano and when I was thirteen, I picked up the cello.  Since then I have been on a wonderful musically journey, meeting incredible mentors and friends I can cherish for years to come. When I am older, I’d like to work in an administrative position in a symphony or orchestra.

I am half Japanese, half Chilean and as a result I can speak fluent Japanese. Sadly, the Spanish never stuck and I have given up on that language pursuit (Sorry Dad). I am extremely proud of my culture and family, and always make sure to represent both sides of my family in my everyday life. At OU, I am part of the Japanese Student Association and I work as a research assistant for a professor in Sociology. As for fun facts, I have a newfound obsession with crocheting, my biggest weakness is a bag of Sour Patch Kids, and I can hold pencils with my bottom lip. I am very excited to be a part of the Margaret Boyd Scholars, and if you’d like to get in contact with me, please don’t hesitate to email me at!

iris virjee

Iris Virjee

My name is Iris, and I come from an old farmhouse surrounded by cornfields near Mount Sterling, Ohio. My mother is a poet, school bus driver, and collector of vintage nostalgia. My father is an Indian refugee from Uganda, an artist, and an army veteran. I also have a younger sister, Lily, four cats, and a bunch of chickens.

Growing up gardening and treasuring second-hand junk gave me a deep appreciation for nature, which led me to take interest in the ways people have failed to care for the ground beneath our feet. Inspired by “The Natural Step for Communities” by Sarah James and Torbjorn Lahti, I've become particularly drawn to local-scale implementation of sustainable practices. So, when I discovered that I could study Urban Planning and Sustainability at beautiful OU, I was beyond delighted. My dream is to see beautiful green cities with vertical farms and clean energy sources and bike paths.

I'm already loving life here in Athens, exploring this amazing little town and the surrounding forests, meeting all sorts of fascinating people, and trying to break out of my shell.

Aside from that, I guess I'll just throw in a few things about who I am. My favorite color is burgundy. I love birds, especially the ones I watch from the kitchen window at home, like finches, mockingbirds, starlings, etc. My favorite plant, if I had to choose, is moss. I only write in cursive. I listen to a variety of music, but most recently I've been really into post-hardcore/ indie rock (think Shellac), and experimental hip-hop (think Milo), and  bluegrass murder ballads. I can sort of draw okay. I love the works and strangeness of Salvador Dali. My favorite poet is E.E. Cummings. My role model- in some ways more than others-- is Patti Smith. In my free time I like to take walks (preferably barefoot) and craft (before college I worked at Michaels Arts and Crafts Store). If you ever need a thrift or antique shopping buddy, I'm your girl. I'm very shy and quiet until I get comfortable with people. I may have a small obsession with terrariums.

I am so glad to be welcomed into the Maggie B program. I'm sure that this opportunity will help me and the rest of these unique and talented ladies to reach our full potential here at Ohio U.

“You shall above all things be Glad and Young, for if you're young, whatever life you wear, it will become you; and if you are Glad, whatever's living will yourself become.” -E.E. Cummings

ruby williams

Ruby Williams

My name is Ruby Lee Williams—if you don’t catch me with my nose in a history book, I’m probably online planning my next adventure, or taking a nap.

I’m an Integrated Social Studies Education major, and pursuing a Diversity Certificate. I’ve compromised on my favorite hobby, napping, in order to maintain a 4.0 this semester. My dream career is to become a high school history teacher, then pursue a PHD in Greek History. During the process of pursuing my passions, I plan to spend as much time as possible traveling and immersing myself in the diverse cultures of our world. I plan to do the majority of my traveling through philanthropy and volunteer teaching—I believe it is essential to give back to your community, as well as communities around the world. My goal is to use my experiences traveling to inspire and encourage my future students to explore, accept, and study diversity in a positive way.

If you ever want to chat, or get in contact with me, my email is: