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2021-2022 Scholars

Ankita Bansode

Ankita Bansode

Hi, I am Ankita, an international student from India.
I am pursuing Political science (pre-law) major through the College of Arts and Sciences and the Ohio honors program. Although I plan to study Law after graduation, I would love to pursue creating art full-time since I love writing and reading all kinds of literature.

Currently, I am involved with many on-campus organizations: The Post-Athens (My column is 'Answers from Ankita'), the NRHH, Poli-sci major association, and Ohio university Entrepreneur. I read books, write poetry and prose, talk about cats, and paint anything/anywhere during my free time.

I am truly honored to be chosen as one of the Maggie B's and is looking forward to a beautiful journey.

Julia Bee

Julia Bee

Hi! My name is Julia and I'm from Columbus, Ohio. I'm currently studying Sociology/Criminology with a focus on child and family studies. I've always loved true crime and learning about criminal justice - even as a kid, watching documentaries captured my imagination and has played a huge role in a lot of my hobbies! Now, I hope to continue exploring this crucial and fascinating field alongside the experiences I'm lucky to share with other inspiring Margaret Boyd members.

If you ever want to chat or recommend a new show you can reach me at Jb656520@ohio.edu

Abreanna Blose

Abreanna Blose

Hello! My name is Abreanna Blose, but most people refer to me as Abby. I grew up in Canton Ohio and graduated from Perry High School. The support of my wonderful family has allowed me to grow into the advocate, student, artist, writer, and the woman I am today.

I began writing as soon as I knew how to hold a pencil. I string together words to form everything from short stories to speeches and poems. This love for writing is what led me to Ohio University’s E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. I am currently a Journalism Major on the track of News and Information. I plan to minor in Communications Studies and aspire to earn a certificate in Political Communications.

My hobbies include painting, reading, repurposing furniture and clothes, meditating, collecting crystals, and oddly enough- public speaking. I am a part of Ohio University’s Speech and Debate team and a writer for both Thread Magazine and Her Campus.

Like many of the opportunities I have found at OU so far, I am thrilled to be a part of the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program and can not wait to see what is in store for the next four years!

isabella curet

Isabella Curet

Hi! My name is Isabella and I am from North Canton, Ohio, a town about 2.5 hours away from Athens that’s just north of Canton city. Back at home. I spend 5 years in the YMCA Teen Leaders Program, which gave me the groundwork for being a good leader and teammate in my day-to-day life. I was involved in my high school’s Video Productions Career Technical Program for 3 years, which has lead me to major in Film at Ohio University. Eventually, I possibly plan to expand my studies to include Early Education, in order to work towards creating better and more developmentally healthy television programming for children.
In my free time, I love music, theater, art, and spending time with my friends. I play violin in 2 campus orchestras, and I am involved in the student-run Lost Flamingo Theater Company. I also love fashion, collecting fun and interesting clothes, and dressing to make myself feel good and to express myself.
I am grateful to have been chosen for the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program because my life and activities have largely been male-dominated, and I look forward to working and becoming friends with other women who want to make large-scale change in our world.

elena delach

Elena Delach

Hi! My name is Elena and I'm an Environmental Biology major. I am currently also pursuing a certificate in Environmental Studies, Sustainability, and Resilience, and ​considering a minor in Outdoor Recreation and Education. I grew up in Montclair, Virginia (about 45 minutes outside of D.C.), but I moved to Ohio just before my freshman year of high school and consider myself an Athenian without a doubt.

I grew up loving nature but nothing solidified my appreciation for the outdoors more than living in Athens, where there are so many great opportunities for recreation and exploration. I enjoy biking, birding, hiking, and wildflower identification (ask me the best places in Athens to see flowers! I have a list!) I’ve dabbled in climbing and mountain biking but I would love to get more into both.

When I’m not stomping around in the woods, I enjoy eating bananas, laying in grass, boogying to live music around Athens, and stalking friends on Spotify. I also play soccer and I am a member of the OU Women's Crew team.

I am incredibly grateful to be part of a community like Margaret Boyd and I am looking forward to learning and growing alongside the other 19 lovely ladies in this program. Please feel free to reach out to chat at ed843620@ohio.edu

carlene edmond

Carlene Edmond

Hello! My name is Carlene Edmonds and I am from Cleveland, OH. I am an English Pre-Law major in the College of Arts and Sciences here at Ohio University. I am also currently pursuing a certificate in Law Justice and Culture, and am a member of the Ohio Honors Program. I am very interested in human rights and international relations, and hoping to one day work in international law. I am also in the Pre-Law Phi Alpha Delta fraternity and the Ohio University Equestrian Team here on campus. I am hopeful to become involved in even more campus organizations this semester. In my free time I enjoy reading, going to get coffee, and being active. I am so excited for this opportunity to be a member of the Margaret Boyd Scholar community, and cannot wait to become involved! Please feel free to reach out to me! My email is ce771620@ohio.edu

Jaden Gaither-Hillard

Jaden Gaither-Hillard

Hello! My name is Jaden Gaither-Hillard. I live in Springboro, Ohio. I grew up in a small town called Lebanon, Ohio and I graduated from Lebanon High School. My parents are Shannon Hillard and Jesse Gaither and I have an incredible younger sister named Willa. I also have two dogs named Mochi and Sushi and a cat named Kahlo.

I am thrilled to be apart of the Margaret Boyd Program! It will provide so many amazing connections and opportunities throughout my time at Ohio University. I am also apart of the Ohio Honors Program. Besides my education, I am also very passionate about politics, art, the environment and traveling/exploring other cultures. My biggest goal is to make a positive impact wherever I go. It is so important to me to bring kindness and patience to people and programs I am involved in.

I am looking forward to being in a Program that will assist my growth and learning throughout my time at Ohio University!
Feel free to reach out! jg281720@ohio.edu

Giah Harper

Giah Harper

Hello everyone! My name is Giah Harper. My hometown is New Albany, Ohio. I was born and raised in West chester, Ohio where I attended school
In Lakota until moving to New Albany where I graduated high school. I am an Anthropology student ,currently focusing on biological anthropology. I'm thrilled to be able to take part in this program!
I have many interests,way too many to name, but some of my favorites are photography, horseback riding, pageantry, music and activism. When I'm not focusing on school I like to dance around my room and do my makeup.
If you see me around campus please say hello. I'm always willing to talk!

Natalie Harris

Natalie Harris

Hello! My name is Natalie, but my friends call me Nat. I am an Early Childhood Education Major in the Patton College of Education. I am from Pomeroy, Ohio, which is only about a half hour away from Athens. I graduated from Southern High school with only about 45 people in my graduating class. Because of this, I have always felt more comfortable in a small town setting. Even though OU is a moderately big school, I feel as if it has a wonderful small town vibe to it.
I chose education because I grew up in a very big family. I have 6 siblings, 5 of which are younger than me, and 11 cousins, 8 of which are younger than me. I have always loved kids and truly understand how important elementary school is for growing children.
Some of my free time includes reading, watching movies, listening to music, and enjoying the outdoors. One of the reasons I love Ohio University is because there are so many places that I can just relax and read a book while listening to music outside.
I am so excited to be a part of Margaret Boyd with the rest of my cohort. Please feel welcome to reach out and chat at nh298320@ohio.edu

Makenna Koogler

Makenna Koogler

Hi! My name is Makenna Koogler! I am from a small town north of Dayton, Ohio. At Ohio University I am majoring in Wildlife and Conservation Biology in the College of Arts and Science, and I am also a member of the Ohio Honors Program. I fell in love with OU's beautiful campus and cannot wait to see it every fall for the next three years! I am also super excited to be a part of such an amazing organization that works to provide women with a community and sense of belonging.

In my free time I really enjoy reading, hiking, thrifting, and photography. I love anything to do with any kind of animals, especially amphibians, and I am extremely passionate about sustainability and environmentalism. I have always felt very connected to nature and wildlife, so I spend a lot of time outdoors admiring all of the pollinators and wildflowers.

On campus I am involved in HIKE Club, Outdoor Club, and I am a daytime sitter for the 4 Paws Campus Club. I would love to step into more leadership roles on campus, and I plan to use the skills I develop in this program to do so!

I am thrilled to be a part of the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program! I cannot wait to meet all the other amazing women in this program! Feel free to contact me mk669420@ohio.edu.

mirage'a lamb

Mirage'a Lamb

Hello, I’m Mirage’a I like reading, playing video games, hanging out with friends, and learning about other people. I’m told I’m very understanding and easy to be around. My favorite season is winter and my least favorite is summer. If you see me around I’m always happy to talk!

Olivia Rhae Mincks

Olivia Rhae Mincks

Hi!! My name is Olivia Mincks and I am from Wapakoneta, Ohio. I am a first-generation college student studying psychology at Ohio University, and plan on receiving my graduate degree here as well! I love people which lead me to want to pursue a degree in psychology. Being at Ohio University has been the most beautiful experience of my life. I am a part of the Young Democratic-Socialists of America club which has introduced me to so many amazing people.
In my free time, I like to educate myself on human rights by watching documentaries, reading books, or participating in marches. I am also a lover of art, I love playing music, doing make-up, and styling clothes. The diversity at Ohio University truly inspires these passions of mine, which is why I chose to go to school here.
Words cannot express my excitement to be in such a wonderful program as Margaret Boyd! Feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or even a little makeover! My email is om186820@ohio.edu. I am looking forward to all the adventures to come!

Cassandra nalazek

Cassandra Nalazek

Hello! My name is Cassie Nalazek, and I am majoring in Anthropology through the Honors Tutorial College. I am fortunate enough to have called Athens my home for my entire life, so when it came time to choose a college there was no question that I would become a Bobcat. Growing up in Athens has led to my appreciation for great food, the outdoors, a strong sense of community, and respect for every type of weather imaginable. It has been such an honor to share this wonderful town with my new friends and classmates since beginning my time at Ohio University.

While my major lies in the humanities, I am also on the pre-med pathway. I am passionate about providing healthcare in underserved communities such as Appalachia, and I have a strong interest in women’s health. I believe that studying anthropology will give me a unique perspective on medicine as I hope to build a career that enables me to create a healthier, more accepting, and empowering life for as many people as possible.

Outside of classes, I am a part of Pre-SOMA (Pre-Student Osteopathic Medical Association) and Power Gamma, the peer-health education group on campus. In my free time I enjoy reading, spending time with my friends and family, hiking, baking, working out, and listening to music. Please feel free to geek out about Taylor Swift with me! Back home I have two cats, Gus and Sophie, who I love dearly.

I am thrilled to be a part of the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program, and I cannot wait to see all the ways that this incredible community will allow me to grow as both a student and a young woman! Please feel free to reach out: cn423720@ohio.edu

Krupaben C Patel

Krupaben C Patel

I’m twenty year old Krupa Patel from a very beautiful state called Gujarat of India. I was born and grew up in India, the country who is rich in culture, festivals and in entertainment. I reflect a varied personality including ambition, and the quality of generosity and thoughtfulness. I am also very determine and curious person. I encourage fighting for an individual rights and what we believe in.

I’m a full-time student, stimulated by my curiosity for learning and succeeding as I want to become an excellent and successful women in current society. With the goal of becoming a Researcher in a particular cancer field and become a helpful person to others, I’m currently completing my bachelors degree in Biological sciences: cell/cellular and molecular biology at Ohio university and I’m an first year student, and also a first generation.
Apart from my interest in science, I also have interest in art. I love how artists represent their feelings and their thoughts in their art work. I particularly love the painting and sketches, I use to do sketches. I also enjoy reading and spending time with my loved ones.

Julia Elise Platt

Julia Elise Platt

Hello, my name is Julia Platt! My hometown is Pittsburgh, PA, and I graduated from Moon Area High School. At Ohio University, I am an English major in the Honors Tutorial College. I’ve always loved reading, and that passion quickly grew to writing as well, so studying literature was a no-brainer for me.

Some of my other passions include philosophy and law. I was on my high school’s Mock Trial team, and I am currently an Associate Justice on the Ohio University Judicial Panel. Also, I am very passionate about activism. The Margaret Boyd Scholars Program is perfect for me to be part of a community filled with intelligent women focused on lifting each other up.

In my free time, I love to watercolor paint, play the flute and piano, watch Sherlock, and write novels. A fun fact about me is that I have a creepily convincing British accent after watching too many British TV shows.

I am thrilled to be part of the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me!

Breanna Reidl

Breanna Reidl

Hiya! My name is Breanna Reidl and I am from Canton, Ohio.
I am a Communication Studies major at the Scripps' College of Communication, and pursuing a double major in psychology with a minor in sociology. The social sciences have always been a major interest of mine and I look forward to studying these subjects on Ohio University's beautiful campus.
I am a member of the Ohio University Speech and Debate Team, and the Student Professionals of Communication Studies (SPCS).

I feel so lucky to have been chosen for the Margaret Boyd scholars program and to be surrounded by so many intelligent women.

If you want to chat, talk to someone, or ask me questions about anything at all, you can reach me at br900220@ohio.edu :)

Jenna Reitz

Jenna Reitz

Hello! My name is Jenna Reitz. I’m currently studying Photojournalism at the Scripps College of Communication and pursuing a minor in World Religions. I’m originally from Cleveland, Ohio where I graduated from Fairview High School. I grew up attending Cleveland Public Schools and moved to the suburbs shortly after the transition into middle school. Having been able to experience this diverse and cultural landscape early on in my education, social justice reform became a prominent passion of mine. Throughout high school, I participated in several movements around Cleveland, including March For Our Lives, the Women’s March, and various Black Lives Matter protests. It was during these events I realized the truly powerful impact photography can have on our lives.

I aspire to continue working as an advocate for underrepresented communities as a foreign correspondent and photographer. For now, during my time here at Ohio University I’ve become involved with several student organizations including GIVE, an organization centered around ethical and sustainable volunteering (especially within the Athens community!), OU College Democrats, and the National Press Photographers Association. I intend to study abroad this upcoming summer as well!

I am so excited to be a part of the Boyd Scholars program, with like-minded women who have the same drive and passion as I, to make a difference in the world! I can’t wait to see what these next four years bring!

Please feel free to reach out at jr624720@ohio.edu!

julianna Rittenberg

Julianna Rittenberg

Hi! My name is Julianna Rittenberg and I am a Political Science major in the Honors Tutorial College. I am also a History minor and am pursuing the Professional Deaf Liason certificate. My goal is to one day either be a campaign manager or work for a non-profit. I am from Worthington, Ohio, just outside of Columbus. I chose Ohio University because, from the moment I stepped on campus, I felt like it was home. My older siblings (I am the youngest of four) all went to school here, and I knew it was the perfect fit.

Outside of classes, I am a member of Ohio University College Democrats and am an Associate Justice on the Student Senate Judiciary Panel. In my spare time, I can be found in Donkey, reading a book, or listening to Taylor Swift. Back home, I have two dogs and five cats, and I love to talk about them!

I am very excited to be a member of Margaret Boyd. I can't wait to see where the program takes me through my time at Ohio University. Feel free to reach out at jr976320@ohio.edu!

Riley Sargent

Riley Sargent

Hi! My name is Riley Sargent and I am from Carroll, Ohio. I am studying Political Science on a Pre-Law track and hope to cumulate certificates in Law, Justice, and Culture and Political Communications. I am a part of the Ohio University Mock Trial team, Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law fraternity, and ACLU-OU. When I am not at school, I am hanging out with my little sister and my two golden retrievers, Linus and Harper. I am an avid Taylor Swift fan, a pop-culture connoisseur, and a runner. Some of my interests include sitcoms and 60s music.

I became interested in politics from a young age when I noticed the lack of woman leadership around the world and especially the state of Ohio. That experience in 8th grade led me to have passion for being a part of the changes I want to see in the political field.

I am so honored to be a part of a women focused group here on campus and can not wait to spend time with my fellow Margaret Boyd Scholars! Feel free to contact me with at rs182820@ohio.edu!

Beret Traum

Beret Traum

Hello! My name is Bea Traum! I am from Cleveland, Ohio, where I had graduated from Magnificat High School. I am currently studying Journalism with a News and Information Track. I am hoping to minor in Political Science with Certificate in Law, Justice, and Culture!
I am very passionate about social justice issues and hope to one day work for the Equal Justice Initiative as a Human Rights Lawyer. I am a part of the Ohio Honors Program and the Ohio University College Democrats!
Outside of school, I love to create art with colored pencils, read, and discover new music! You can often find me with my headphones listening to the Lumineers while reading my newest book on College Green.
I am so excited to be a part of such an empowering group and surrounded by amazing people in the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program! Feel free to reach out to me at bt403820@ohio.edu!