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Advisory Board Members

Cindy Headshot

Cindy Anderson, Ph.D.
Professor of Sociology  


Bowie Headshot

Jennifer Bowie, B.S.J., M.S.C. 
Chief of Staff, University Advancement 
As an Ohio University undergraduate, one of the most important—and hard-fought—lessons I learned was to show up. To say "yes" when new and unexpected opportunities find you. The Boyd Scholars is one way I get to show up. 


Burdick Headshot

Monica M. Burdick, PhD 
Associate Professor 
Stocker Center, Room 189
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 
I'm involved with the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program because... STEM fields are notoriously gender imbalanced. I want to learn how to be a better ally and advocate for women, underrepresented genders, and intersectional identities, as well as share my experiences as an East Asian-American woman in engineering with program participants at different points in their career journeys. 


Harrison Headshot

Lisa M. Harrison, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor, Middle Childhood Education 
I'm involved with the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program because I personally know the value and want to be a part of a learning community uniquely designed to support the intellectual, creative, and leadership development of undergraduate women. 


Intrator Headshot

Miriam Intrator, Ph.D., MSLS
Special Collections Librarian for Rare Books
I’m involved with the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program because I believe in helping to empower and educate young women and to provide them with opportunities and encouragement that may otherwise be hard to come by, and because I’m constantly learning from and inspired by every woman who is involved in the Program. 


Jellison Headshot

Katherine Jellison 
Professor of History
I’m involved with the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program because I believe part of my mission as an educator is to assist young women in empowering themselves and succeeding in their chosen pursuits. 


McSteen Headshot

Patricia McSteen
Interim Senior Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students 
Office of the Dean of Students 
345 Baker University Center
I am involved in the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program because this community of women inspires, invigorates, supports and gives me hope for our future. 


Murray Headshot

M. Geneva Murray, Ph.D.
Director, Women's Center
I am involved with the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program because I feel passionate about empowering leaders who are invested in making the world a better place. 


OMalley Headshot

Michelle O'Malley , Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Linguistics  


Peck Headshot

Maddie Peck
Alumna MBSP 2018 
B.S. Journalism - News and Information
ESL English Teacher, Providence Public Schools
As a board member, I look forward to connecting with current scholars and alumnae of the program to enhance the scholar experience.


Sandler Headshot

Nancy Sandler , Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy 
Member of the Nanoscale and Quantum Phenomena Institute. 
I am involved with the MBSP because I want to contribute to the education and empowerment of young women, using my professional experience as a woman physicist. My interactions with Boyd students, exciting and thought-provoking, bring new perspectives to my role as a female science faculty. Moreover, participation in the board opens a window to the rich academic environment of Ohio University and allows me to collaborate with talented professionals from diverse disciplines. 


Miriam Headshot

Miriam Shadis , Ph.D.
Associate Professor of History  
The MBSP provides a space for me as a faculty member to engage with students and other faculty and staff from across the university, and to share my passion for women’s history and education. 


Snyder Headshot

Carey Snyder Ph.D.
Professor of English
Ellis Hall, Room 353D
I'm involved with the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program because I enjoy helping to foster, and being part of, a supportive women’s community. I believe the program helps young women to thrive—and to see themselves as part of a long history of women striving to overcome whatever obstacles are in their way.