Boyd Scholars 2020-2021

Isabel Alvarez

Isabel Alvarez

Hi! I’m Isabel Alvarez and I am deeply honored to have been selected as a Margaret Boyd Scholar!

I was born in Springfield, MO, but grew up in Louisville, KY. I was fortunate to take several computer programming courses throughout my time in high school, leading me to become a Computer Science major in the Russ College of Engineering and in the Ohio Honors Program. I hope to pursue a career as a data engineer. 

On campus, I am involved in the Society of Women Engineers and, as a Chicana and LINKS student, the Latino Student Union. I have always valued community engagement and leadership, and I plan to use the skills I develop in the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program to contribute to these organizations as well as the Ohio University community.

When I’m not programming for my internship at OhioHealth, I can often be found working on a circuit board, planning a new cross-stitch design for a friend, or journaling while listening to a podcast (like TMG). If you want to talk about OU, the Russ College, the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program, or anything else, feel free to contact me at

Delaney Brander

Delaney Brander

Hello! My name is Delaney Brander, and I am an Integrated Social Studies major in the Patton College and a member of the Connavino Honors Program as well. I am also pursuing a Spanish minor and a Diversity certificate. I am from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and since the moment I stepped foot on the Athens bricks I've never wanted to leave. Athens and OU have a special welcoming feeling that I can't seem to put into words!

At home I love spending time by the beach at Lake Michigan and exploring all of the quaint coffee shops that GR has to offer. In high school I was very involved in student council, cheerleading, district planning for development of facilities, curriculum, and expansion, and additional activities as well.

I am very passionate high schoolers and their crazy ideas for our ever changing world, and this is what led me directly into my future career path as an educator and eventually an administrator! I hope that I can make an impact on my future students even half as meaningful as my past teachers have had on me.

At Ohio University, I am a member of Student Alumni Board and YoungLife in addition to this wonderful organization!I can be contacted at and I am so excited and grateful to be a member of this incredible program!

Caroline Chaulk

Caroline Chaulk

Hello! My name is Caroline Chaulk! I'm from Dayton, Ohio, and I graduated from Chaminade Julienne High School. I have two younger brothers and an adorable yellow lab. Both of my parents graduated from OU, so I am extremely proud and grateful to continue the Bobcat family legacy! I’m a Chemistry Pre-Medicine major and am a part of the Ohio Honors Program.

My academic interests are science and medicine, and the COVID-19 pandemic has strengthened those interests even more. I love research, labs, and advocating for people, so it is no surprise that this career path found me.

Aside from academics, one of my biggest passions is volleyball. I played varsity for high school and nationally in the offseason. I absolutely love that sport. Now I spend most of my free time with my nose buried in a book. I am a self-proclaimed book nerd and my bookshelf is always overflowing. I can never have too many books!

I am thrilled to be a part of the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program and I’m so excited to meet all of the amazing women! Feel free to contact me at!

Aanya Datta

Aanya Datta

Hello! My name is Aanya Datta and I am an International Student from Calcutta, India. I am currently double majoring in Sociology and Psychology. I am also a part of the EAP in Law, Justice and Culture, as well as a member of the OU Global Ambassadors. I also happen to be the first person, in my immediate family, to pursue an undergraduate education abroad!

I love to interact with, and make new friends, which is why virtual class was not as terrible as I thought it would be! I have a keen interest in politics and I am very passionate about debate. My love for speech and articulation motivated me to be a part of the OU Speech and Debate Club. Aside from talking and debating all day, I am very passionate about cooking- it's how I de-stress and I wouldn't survive without cooking at least 3-4 times a week!

As an international student, I look forward to being a part of the amazing cohort of inspiring women. The objectives of the program are ones that resonate strongly with all that I believe in, and I look forward to being a part of it!

I would love to get to know more people, so please do feel free to reach out to me at !

Cora FItch

Cora Fitch

Hello! My name is Cora Fitch, I'm a Media Arts and Studies major with a focus on audio production in the Honors Tutorial College. Music is a huge part of my life and is my big source of happiness and fulfillment for me, I've known for years I wanted to follow it into the future as my career. I have been experiencing the world of live events for several years in my hometown of Athens with a band made up of some of my best friends, and I decided to stay here to attend Ohio University largely because of the rich campus culture that is hard to find anywhere else.

I've also always had a love for nature, and spend much of my free time exploring the woods around Athens. I enjoy taking inspiration from the landscapes for my art, finding new wildflowers and plants in the spring, and sharing my favorite found places with friends. I'm excited for all my future experiences within the Margaret Boyd Scholars program and the opportunities it will offer me!

megan handle

Megan Handle

Hello! My name is Megan Handle and I am a Social Work major through the Honors Tutorial College. I live in Waynesville, Ohio, a very small town Southeast of Dayton. You may know of us because of our famous Sauerkraut Festival, however I personally think Sauerkraut is gross.

Throughout high school, I was involved in many sports including soccer, swimming, and track. I also was a member of the National Honors Society, the Teen Alliance Council, and several other community extracurriculars. I am very excited to join the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program as one of my first college organizations. I cannot wait to meet all of the amazing women and be able to make some more friends! :)

In my free time I enjoy cooking and baking, doing any sort of arts and crafts, as well as going on hikes, so I am eager to be able to be on OU's campus. My favorite color is yellow, I love mac and cheese (I was born in Wisconsin), and my car's name is Patricia.
Feel free to contact me at!

Emmarald Jean-Francois

Emmarald Jean-Francois

Hello! My name is Emmarald Jean-Francois. I've lived in Athens the past 6 years of my life but before coming to Ohio I lived in Wisconsin, Florida, and New York. I’m currently majoring in psychology with a minor in business, with hopes to go to graduate school and become a child clinical psychologist. I am also fortunate enough to be a member of the Pepsi Scholars Program 2021 cohort. I took French for 6 years and I aspire to travel to France, Belgium, Haiti, and perhaps Canada. In the future I hope to study abroad and hopefully visit one or more of these countries.

I am a very active person therefore when I have some free time, I enjoy hiking, hammocking, running, and playing basketball. Being a vegetarian for almost 6 years, cooking has become a huge part of my life and it's one of my favorite things to do. I’m passionate about helping children and making an impactful difference in their lives. I’m currently one of 5 people that facilitate an anti-racism course at Athens High School and have been doing so since this past summer. It has been so incredible to witness the growth of the students from the class.

I’m so thankful and excited to be a part of the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program! I cannot wait to see where this program will take me, and the experiences and memories that are yet to come in these next four years!

Maellie-Jade Jean-Francois

Maellie-Jade Jean-Francois

Hello! My name is Maellie-Jade Jean-Francois, but most people just call me “Maellie”!

I was born in New York, and have lived in Florida and Wisconsin before moving to Ohio when I started middle school. As much as I like living in Athens, I love big cities and would like to live in one someday. Traveling is something that I hope to be able to do more in these upcoming years.

My parents are from Haiti, and I have two siblings; my older sister, and my little brother. My parents have always informed me about the importance of education so I am very excited for what I will learn at OU! Some of my hobbies are running, baking, playing the viola and ukulele, and pretty much any kind of activity that takes place outdoors. R&B is my favorite genre of music to listen to. I am pretty much always singing or listening to something by Stevie Wonder!

I am majoring in Interior Architecture and minoring in Industrial Engineering. Architecture has always been on my radar when looking at potential majors. It combines my interests and allows for me to be creative in my career. I am extremely passionate about anti-racism and social justice and I talk about it ALL the time. I hope that in the future I can use this passion and the skills gained from my major to support and advocate for minorities and other underrepresented communities.

I am very thankful and excited to be a part of this program and I can’t wait to meet and learn from all the other members!

Hannah Louck

Hannah Louck

Hello! My name is Hannah Louck. I am from Urbana, Ohio. I am an alumni of Urbana High School as well as Ohio Hi-Point Career Center (where I earned a certificate in Multimedia Marketing). At Ohio University, I am double majoring in History Pre-Law and Sociology. I am also a member of the University's Mock Trial team (Go Mockcats!). I am super excited to be part of an organization like the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program that is passionate about bringing together, and empowering, women from all walks of life.

Some things that I like to do in my free time are reading, gaming, painting, going on walks/hikes, working out, photography, and videography. I love doing things that are intellectually and creatively challenging in my free time. Some of my passions include politics, environmentalism, activism, and history. A fun fact about me is that I am vegetarian and have been for three years.

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to take part in this program and can’t wait to see what the future holds for me. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

Kendra McKitrick

Kendra McKitrick

Hello! My name is Kendra McKitrick. I grew up in Toledo, Ohio and graduated from Whitmer High School. I am majoring in Geography in the Honors Tutorial College, and I plan to attend law school after graduating from OU. I am a member of the Marching 110 Drumline, though I was at home this past semester and didn’t get the chance to march. In high school, I was on the Whitmer Drumline, was president of the Science and Environmental Club, and worked at a soup shop. I started attending protests as a freshman in high school, and I eventually decided that studying law would be the best way for me to support the issues I am passionate about. After traveling to the Pacific Northwest, I fell in love with this planet and realized environmental law was the direction for me.

I am writing this just days before I finally move to Athens. I’m looking forward to starting this new chapter in my life (but I’m so sad to leave my pets). I am thrilled to meet all the incredible women in this program, join more campus organizations, and to just enjoy this experience as a Bobcat to its fullest!

brigid mcsteen

Brigid McSteen

My name is Brigid McSteen and I’m an Athens native studying Retail Fashion Merchandising. Both of my parents attended Ohio University, along with my older brother, making me the final OU student in my family. Growing up, I couldn’t wait to graduate high school and move to a big city. But upon graduation, I found that I wasn’t ready to leave Athens because of how much I admire the community and values of a small town.
Growing up in Appalachia gave me a unique perspective on what I am passionate about. I chose to study fashion because it has always been an outlet for me to express myself and be creative while living in a small town. Being interested in fashion pushed me to question myself and experiment with trends that I wasn’t exposed to in Southeast Ohio. I love learning about new trends and studying older ones, and I spend a lot of my free time watching documentaries and exploring the history and future of style.
Due to my area of study, I find importance in advocating for sustainability in the fashion industry. As I plan to pursue a career in the clothing industry, I must take accountability for the damage that it has on the environment. I hope that in the future I am able to mend my love for clothing with my concern for the climate and make the fashion industry more ethical.

I am honored to become a part of the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program and I can’t wait to learn and grow with a group of such bright and talented women. Feel free to contact me at

zoe miller

Zoe Miller

Hi! I'm Zoe Miller and I'm from Little Hocking, OH which is about 30 minutes from Athens. I've pretty much been around Athens all of my life, be it for golf matches, to watch movies or grab dinner, or to go to basketball games or hockey matches. Initially I never thought I'd go to school somewhere so close to home, but I'm glad that I did.

I've felt for one of the first times in my life that I've found a group of people that I can truly relate to and trust. I struggled with finding friends all throughout school but even with the current situation I've been lucky enough to meet others who have similar interests to me and genuinely enjoy my company (and I theirs). I haven't gotten to be on campus yet, but I'm excited to hopefully do so in the Fall!

So a little more about me, I'm a Mechanical Engineering major with an interest in a Computer Science minor. I'm in the Ohio Honors Program, Pepsi Scholars Program, and the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) at OU. I love to be outdoors either golfing, walking my dog, or just relaxing with a good book. Inside, I like to crochet, play with my cat, and occasionally binge watch a show.

I'm super excited to be apart of the program and I can not be more appreciative for the opportunity! Everyone that I've met so far has been both friendly and encouraging and I can't wait to get to know everyone better soon enough.

baleigh radune

Baleigh Radune

Hello! My name is Baleigh Radune! I am from Jackson Ohio which is only 45 minutes from the Athens Campus. I grew up coming to Athens to experience all the urban enjoyments my rural town could not offer. When the time came for me to choose a college, though I visited many, OU was the only one that felt like home.

Currently, I am in the honors program at the Patton College of Education. I am a Pre-Early Childhood Education Major. I’ve spent the last seven years of my life doing theatre. Being a teacher for young children, I can combine my love for silliness, songs, and theatre, with my love for children to have the ultimate career. I love baking, drawing, and doing makeup. Above all, I love to express myself in the most unconventional ways.

I am grateful to have this opportunity and I cannot wait to see what the Margaret Boyd Scholars program has in store for me! Contact me anytime at

faith ryon

Faith Ryon

Hello! My name is Faith, and I grew up in Urbana, Ohio. I moved to Kettering, Ohio when I turned 12 and have lived there since. I am the second youngest of five kids and am currently the only one attending university. I am majoring in English education right now for no other reason than beside the fact that I like reading, teaching, and all my favorite teachers were English teachers. Writing isn't my strong point, but I'll get there eventually.

Throughout all of middle school and high school I was a part of the Junior Optimists, which is a nonprofit that does service projects for the community and gave me many opportunities to learn how to be an effective leader and speaker. Through this organization I gained my love for community service, traveling, and people.

I was also in band since fifth grade and in marching band all throughout high school. I am currently in the Marching 110 and hope to be in it until I graduate. I like to run (I’m not good at it) and do yoga (also not good at it), and I love to read and play video games. My favorite color changes weekly along with my taste in music.

I am excited to be a part of the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program and for what the next four years hold for me.

allison saaty

Allison Saaty

Hello all! My name is Allison Saaty, and I am beyond thrilled of not only being able to pursue my education at Ohio University, but also the opportunity to be in the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program and see where this journey takes me in life.

I grew up in a small town about 30 minutes away from Athens, Ohio. Logan, Ohio. Although “The Hocking Hills” has a nice ring to it for tourists, (and don’t get me wrong the nature here is breathtaking and gorgeous) Logan is a place that needs a lot of work. Growing up in a town that is plagued with so much poverty, addiction, depression, and other despairs-- I knew from a young age that I wanted to pursue higher education and equip myself with the skills/knowledge necessary to make our small nook of the world a better place.

Another thing to know about me is that I am a very family-oriented person. My family, my friends, and my loved ones mean the world to me. I am also a cat mom to my fur-babies Nala and Mimi (pronounced “Meme”). I love animals and lead a plant-based lifestyle. And something I enjoy doing in my free time is play video games.

I am currently a Psychology Major (B.S.) in Ohio University’s College of Arts and Sciences. Psychology has been an interest and passion of mine for as long as I can remember and being able to study it at a higher level is a dream come true. I’m very excited to learn more about my field of study, psychology, and eventually pursue a career that I’m not only satisfied with—but I’m proud of.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or would just like to reach out, feel free to! My email is

Samantha Schimmoller

Samantha Schimmoller

Hi there! My name is Samantha Schimmoller. I am from Springboro, OH, although, my heart belongs to Cleveland. Go Browns! I am in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism majoring in strategic communications. I hope to combine my love for writing with my passion for politics, fashion, or entertainment. I know that OU will provide amazing opportunities to explore my interests. I am also a part of 1804 communication and work for their creative department for the company GoBus.

I was very involved in high school. I was a member of the student council, Students Against Destructive Decisions and the Junior Council on World Affairs. In these programs, I developed a passion for leading, which I plan to continue at OU. In student council, I played a significant role in planning and advertising our school’s homecoming. I was also the project manager of the SADD club’s candy cane gram drive and was responsible for collecting sales for local charities. In JCOWA I was one of the leaders that was responsible for planning meetings that would educate students on different cultures and world events.

Feel free to reach out!

Judinya Thwaites-Brevik

Judinya Thwaites-Brevik

Hello! My name is Judinya (but you can call me Nya). I am a Sociology Pre-Law major in the Honors Tutorial College and am currently working towards a certificate in Law, Justice, and Culture. I have lived in twenty-seven? twenty-eight? houses in six states. I have seen most of what this country has to offer and developed a deep passion for social, economic, and environmental justice.

Over the summer of 2020, I organized protests in support of the national Black Lives Matter movement; we held weekly rallies and marches that elucidated the struggles of the Black community. In high school, I was class president at two schools, on student council, and in the National Honors Society. I was also in rotary club, french club, community committee, Students Promoting Diversity and Equity through Education, and a committee member and dancer in Mini-THON (a funder to support families battling childhood cancer). In my free time, I love to hike, read, cook, and bake.

I am so excited and honored to participate in the Boyd Scholars Program. I cannot wait to see what the next four years bring and form connections with wonderful empowered women. I know that we will make a lasting impact on OU, Athens, and the world.

emily van meter

Emily Van Meter

My name is Emily Van Meter and I am an Art History major. My dream to be a museum curator and some day have my own paintings in museums around the world. I love to paint and draw, be creative in any way I can, and, of course, spending as much time I can at art museums. I am originally from a small town south of Athens and grew up in the Athens area my whole life. I love to travel around the world and experience new things. I am so excited to be a part of this program and getting the opportunity to meet like minded women! I cannot wait to work with my fellow members and to empower one another throughout thick and thin. Being a strong woman is something I’ve always been proud of and I am so excited to be a part of a program where being a strong woman is at its very core

samarra wagoner

Samarra Wagoner

Hi! My name is Samarra Wagoner and I am from Cincinnati. I am majoring in Environmental Studies through the Honor’s Tutorial College and hope to use my degree to focus my research on the relationships between environment and politics. This path is something I have known I have wanted to do for a long time as I spend most of my time taken by the environment and its involvement with all aspects of life.
When I’m not camping or hiking, you can find me reading, meditating, or busy with my small business; HippySoulStudio. Probably more than nature, I love my pets whom I wish I could have with me here on campus. I also enjoy singing and hope to join a chorus group as I was involved in theatre, choir, and acapella all through grade school.
I am thrilled to be a part of the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program and do amazing things alongside these strong women. I know that the personal and professional growth along with the relationships will last me a lifetime and I cannot wait to see the accomplishments the 20-21 Cohort makes in the next 4 years and beyond. Feel free to reach out at!

baylee wolfe

Baylee Wolfe

Hello! My name is Baylee Wolfe, and I am double majoring in Energy Engineering and Economics. I have a strong passion for the environment and spend most my time outdoors, which led me to pursue a degree that will allow me to develop more sustainable energy sources. Although sustainable energy is my ultimate goal, I have adopted a new hobby while in Athens, sustainability within the fashion industry. I created and run a small business named OU Upcycle where I buy and resell used bobcat gear to promote a more sustainable clothing option and give life to old bobcat apparel. A couple places you may find me are local thrift stores, working at Lam’s Garden, or meeting one of my customers at Donkey Coffee to sell a shirt and grab a treat. Adventure over to my Instagram page @ou.upcycle or feel free to contact me at
I am from Racine, Ohio which is about half an hour south of Athens. With my mother and two of my older brothers graduating from Ohio university, I have spent a lot of time in Athens. The importance of relationships and a strong community has become evident as I spend more time in my small town and others. I have witnessed my small community making a huge difference in the lives of many locals. I hope that my journey as a Margaret Boyd Scholar brings me closer to the Athens community and gives me the opportunity to make a difference. So, as a Margaret Boyd Scholar, I look forward to not only being in an environment that fosters my own growth, but also for the opportunity to work as a team and help others through whatever projects we may pursue.