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Charge and Membership

University Curriculum Council

The University Curriculum Council is the final organization in a system of committees composed of departmental curriculum committees, college curriculum committees, and the University Curriculum Council itself. The function of the University Curriculum Council is to make recommendations concerning:

    * addition and deletion of academic programs;
    * after formal review, the quality and priority of existing academic programs;
    * addition, deletion, and changes in courses; and
    * academic requirements.

The Curriculum Council is the final recommending voice in curricular matters. Its recommendations go through the Provost to the President for final approval.

The University Curriculum Council is organized into four standing committees: Program, Review, Individual Course, and General Education. The Program Committee is concerned with addition, deletion, and first follow-up of new programs. The Review Committee is concerned with cyclic review and evaluation of existing programs. The Individual Course Committee is concerned with coordination at the university level of addition, deletion, and changes in all course offerings. The General Education Committee is concerned with addition, deletion, and changes in all general education course offerings and with review and revision of general education structure and policies. If they cannot be assigned to a standing committee, issues concerning educational and program requirements will be reviewed by a special committee appointed by the chairperson. When dealing with graduate programs, the Curriculum Council and its committees work with the Graduate Council. 


Faculty :  30 Voting (1 Vice Chair of Faculty Senate, Serves as UCC Chair; 16 At Large; 12 EPSA Members; 1 Chair of Graduate Council)
Students :  7 Voting (2 Graduate Students, 2 Alternate Graduate Students; 5 Undergraduate Students, 5 Alternate Undergraduate Students)
Administrative : 14 Voting (10 College Deans/Dean Equivalent; 1 Assoc. Provost for International Studies; 1 Assoc. Provost for Graduate Studies; 1 Regional Campus Dean, chosen by Reg. Campus Deans; 1 Professional Staff of Alden Library) 1 Non-Voting, Ex-Officio: EVPP Rep.
Classified : 0

Total : 52 (1 Non-Voting Ex-Officio)

Committee Roster

David Thomas, Chair, '17 (COFA) thomasda@ohio.edu
Stephen Bergmeier, (Grad Council Chair) bergmeis@ohio.edu
Laura Brown, '19 (Music Therapy)
Youmee Kim, '17 (Music) kimy5@ohio.edu
Jerry Miller, '17 (Communication Studies) millerj5@ohio.edu
Pramod Kanwar, '17 (Math, Regional Higher Educaiton, Zanesville) kanwar@ohio.edu
Rebecca Barlag, '17 (Group II, Chemistry) barlag@ohio.edu
Peter Mather, '18 (Counseling & Higher Educaiton, Patton College) matherp@ohio.edu
Bayyinah Jeffries, '18 (African-American Studies, Arts & Sciences) jeffrieb@ohio.edu
Herta Rodina, '18 (Modern Languages, Arts & Sciences) rodina@ohio.edu
Terri Hood-Brown, '18 (Group II/Nursing, Health Sciences and Professions) hood-bro@ohio.edu
Matthew Wanat, '18 (English, Regional Higher Education, Lancaster) wanat@ohio.edu
Andrew Szolosi, '18 (Recreation and Sport Sciences Pedagogy, Patton College) szolosi@ohio.edu
Andrew Escobedo, '18 (English, Arts & Sciences) escobedo@ohio.edu
Mary Rogus, '19 (Scripps) rogus@ohio.edu
David Ingram, '19 (A&S) ingram@ohio.edu
Awainting Appointment (Patton)
Carla Childres, '19 (COB) childerc@ohio.edu
Hans Kruse, '19 (Scripps) kruse@ohio.edu
David Tees, '17 (Arts & Sciences) tees@ohio.edu
Ben Bates, EPSA (Communication Studies) batesb@ohio.edu
Barbara Trube, EPSA (Chillicothe, Health and Human Services) trube@ohio.edu
Krisanna Machtmes, EPSA (Educational Studies) machtmes@ohio.edu
Horacio Castillo, EPSA (Physics and Astronomy) castillh@ohio.edu
John Cotton, EPSA (Mechanical Engineering) cotton@ohio.edu
Sara Helfrich, EPSA (Education) helfrich@ohio.edu
Fuh-Cherng Jeng, EPSA (Communication Sciences & Disorders) jeng@ohio.edu
Tim Anderson, Graduate Council Designee (Psychology) andersot@ohio.edu
Anirudh Ruhil, Graduate Council Designee (Voinovich School) ruhil@ohio.edu
Sonsoles De Lacalle, Graduate Council Designee (Biomedical Sciences) delacall@ohio.edu
Jennifer Horner, Graduate Council Designee (Health Sciences & Processions, Graduate Studies) hornerj@ohio.edu

Undergraduate Students
Saria Brown, '17
William-Gentry Kolenky, '17
Tracy Kondrit, '17
Brittany Mitchell, '17
Logan Stark, '17
Rachel Dowler (alternate), '17

Graduate Students
Sabrina Pakewitz Drew, '17
Kingsley Nyarko, '17
Alex Burke (alternate), '17
Maria Modayil (alternate), '17

Kelly Broughton
Joseph Shields
Elizabeth Sayrs, Dean
William Willan, Dean
Dennis Irwin, Dean
Randall Leite, Dean
Renee Middleton, Dean
Scott Titsworth, Dean
Hugh Sherman, Dean
Jeremy Webster, Dean
Robert Frank, Dean
Mark Weinberg, Director Voinovich School
Lorna Jean Edmonds, Vice Provost for Global Affairs 

All University committees follow the academic-year calendar. All students serve one-year terms. Undergraduate students are indicated by US and graduate students by GS. Faculty, administrators and staff generally serve three-year terms; the year a committee member's term expires is shown to the right of the person's name. Individuals who are not students and who have no year to the right of their names have Ex-Officio appointments. Ex-Officio appointments have voting privileges unless otherwise noted.