Charge and Membership

Science Fair Committee

This Committee promotes science and offers expertise to the community of southeastern Ohio by sponsoring the regional science fair every year. It is crucial that all science and technology faculty participate to help shape the future of our children. Each science department in the University must have a member on this committee to help organize the fair, find judges, and coordinate prizes. 


Faculty :  10 Voting: (Group I and Group II) Specifics Below
Students :  0
Administrative : 0
Classified : 0

Total : 0

Committee Roster

Mark Lucas Pysics
Natalie Kruse-Daniels Environmental Studies
Sharon Inman COM
David Bayless Russ College - Mechanical Engineering
Klaus Himmeldrik Chemistry
Steven Edinger Biological Sciences
Anna Brooks Applied health Sciences and Professions
Allan Showalter Environmental and Plant Biology
Kim Thompson Environmental and Plant Biology
Bhaven Naik Russ college - Civil Engineering
Constantinos Vassiliadis Russ College - EE and Computer Sciences
Sumit Sharma Russ College - Chemical Engineering
Michael Grant Psychology
Current as of September 14, 2018  



2 Group I and Group II Faculty Members to come from:

  1. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  2. Mechanical Engineering
  3. Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  4. Civil Engineering
  5. Physics and Astronomy
  6. Geological Sciences
  7. Plant and Environmental Sciences
  8. Psychology (Behavioral Science)
  9. Biological Sciences
  10. Chemistry and Biochemistry
  11. Food and Nutrition
  12. Biomedical Sciences

All University committees follow the academic-year calendar.