Charge and Membership

Interdisciplinary Council

The Interdisciplinary Council serves as a centralized voice to promote interdisciplinary activities at Ohio University. The Council reports to the Provost and is charged with advancing interdisciplinary activities; identifying barriers to interdisciplinary activities and suggesting ways to remove them; working with appropriate groups in reviewing and recommending policies and procedures regarding interdisciplinary activities; reviewing and making recommendations regarding interdisciplinary proposals and agreements. 


Faculty :  10 Voting (1 Arts and Sciences; 1 Business; 1 Scripps; 1 Patton; 1 Russ (School of Engineering); 1 Fine Arts; 1 Health Sciences and Professions; 1 Int. Studies; 1 Heritage COM; 1 Regional Higher Ed)
Students :  2 Voting (1 Graduate; 1 Undergraduate)
Administrative : 4 Voting (2 Heads of Interdisciplinary Research centers; 2 Heads of Interdisciplinary Service Providers)
Classified : 1 Voting

Total : 14 Voting

Committee Roster

This committee is currently on hiatus. 


Steve Howard, Chair '15 (Center for International Studies)
Susan Williams '17 (Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine)
Devika Chawla, ’16 (Scripps College of Communication)
Zijian Diao, '17 (Mathmatics, Eastern Campus)
Judith Grant, '17 (Political Science, College of Arts & Sciences)
Jaylynne Hutchinson, '15 (Patton College of Education)
Wojciech Jadwisienczak, '15 (Russ College of Engineering & Technology)
Solveig Spjeldnes, '16 (College of Health Sciences and Professions)

Undergraduate Student
Benjamin Mathes, '16

Graduate Student
Anna-Kaye Rowe, '16

Edward Pauley, '16 (Director, Kennedy Museum of Art)
Kimberly Blue, '16 (Assoc. Director for Career & Leadership Development)

Classified Staff Member
Christi Lee, '16 (Career Services)

All University committees follow the academic-year calendar. All students serve one-year terms. Undergraduate students are indicated by US and graduate students by GS. Faculty, administrators and staff generally serve three-year terms; the year a committee member's term expires is shown to the right of the person's name. Individuals who are not students and who have no year to the right of their names have Ex-Officio appointments. Ex-Officio appointments have voting privileges unless otherwise noted.